501 Fun Things to Do on Your Birthday


If your birthday is creeping up on you, or it’s your birthday today, and you’re at a loss of how to celebrate, we’ve got you covered. From simple things like binge-watching Netflix, to going on a road trip, here are 501 fun things to do on your birthday:

  1. You can go out to eat at your favorite restaurant, with some of your closest friends. Texas Roadhouse is always a hoot, and they tend to provide a free appetizer/dessert to the birthday person. 
  2. If 21+, you can go to a bar/club with a “birthday” sash. You might get free drinks this way. 
  3. You can rent out a section of a bowling alley, for you, your family, and some of your closest friends. If they have an available bowling pin, bring some Sharpies for your loved ones to sign.
  4. You can go go-karting. Go-karting is especially fun for those without a driver’s license. It gives you a taste of freedom.
  5. You can go to an arcade and play laser tag. Video games, prizes, and mysteries? What more could one ask for?
  6. You can have a dance party in the comfort of your own home. Buy a speaker from Five Below, decorate your house with dollar store decorations, invite your guest list over, and have a blast.
  7. You can go to your local animal shelter and adopt a dog in need. It’ll be a present for you, and a present for your new furry little family member. 
  8. You can sign up for rewards programs, and get fun birthday freebies, such as: free Dunkin/Starbucks drinks, a free short stack of pancakes from iHop, a free Sephora gift bag, free Jamba juice drinks, one free Best Buy gift, and more. 
  9. You can go to a karaoke bar and belt your heart out with some of your favorite tunes. Who doesn’t want to be Ariana Grande for a night?
  10. For those who aren’t fond of crowds, buy a karaoke machine for your birthday. It’ll be just the same as going out to a karaoke bar —  only in a more intimate setting.
  11. You can buy a new board game to play with your family/friends. The “Family Feud” game is an absolute must, if you’re into the competitive scene. If you’d rather go with something on your phone, “Heads Up” is a go-to (and it’s free, too).
  12. You can grab your best friend and embark on a mall-hopping adventure. If the mall in your town isn’t selling what you’re looking for, go to the next town over. After all, it’s your day. You deserve to feel like a star. 
  13. You can go to your local craft store, buy some spray paint, and practice your artistic skills on a canvas. 
  14. For those 21+, you can make an appointment to go to your local paint bar, where you can enjoy a nice glass of wine, while learning how to paint. 
  15. For the traditional ones, enjoy a nice weekend getaway at one of your favorite camping sites. 
  16. If you’re not into camping, but you want to try something similar, ask a family member/friend  with a jeep, van or truck if you could borrow their car for the night. Invite your best friend over, turn their trunk into a cozy bed, and enjoy a night of birthday glamping.
  17. If weather permits it, you can buy some cheap white shirts from your local craft store, some rubber bands, and some tie dye paint, to have yourself an artsy and neon birthday.
  18. You can have a birthday party at a roller rink, and allow for the option of roller skating or rollerblading.
  19. Save up some birthday money to attend your favorite concert with your best friend/family member. There’s something about live concerts that make you forget about all of your worries. 
  20. If you live in a colder area, then Google the nearest ice rink, grab a few of your friends, and you’ll be in Winter Wonderland before you know it. 
  21. If you live in a tropical, warmer area and your birthday is full of sunshine, have a beach day. Bring a speaker, a few towels, a blanket, and a picnic basket. You’ll be making the other beach-goers jealous before you know it. 
  22. Plan a spa day for yourself. Go to your local spa, request a nice massage, and get pampered like a King/Queen. 
  23. If you’re trying to go more budget-friendly, you can create your own spa set up. Buy some fresh cucumbers, have one of your friends act as the “nail technician”, etc. 
  24. Go to Build-A-Bear, pick out a friend, stuff it, and when you hold the heart against your chest, make a wish. Then, finish it off by giving your new buddy a bath at the Build-A-Bear station.
  25. Horseback riding. Visit your local stable and go horseback riding through the woods. If you’re new to horseback riding, don’t worry. There’s almost always a professional that will be in front of you to guide you through the trail.
  26. Buy different types of beads and a roll of stretch cords, and make friendship bracelets. You can create one specific to your birthday, and you can also make bracelets for your family or classmates. 
  27. Go on an air-bound ride. Rent a helicopter ride for an hour, and allow the pilot to take you sightseeing across your city. You may see views that you never thought you’d be able to experience before. If you live near a body of water, you’ll be able to see the lake/ocean from an aerial perspective. 
  28. Go on a trip to your favorite museum. If you have the chance, go to the American Museum of Natural History in New York City. It’s filled with history, surrounding animals, natural disasters, astronomy, and more. 
  29. Make a fort and host your own movie night. You can use pillows, chairs and blankets to prop up the fort, and then top it off with some popcorn and a movie on your laptop. Crawl inside and make it a sleepover for you and your best friend. 
  30. Go to an art gallery. Peruse different paintings and sculptures, and make it fun for yourself. Try to get what the meaning is behind each art piece, and then use the artist statement as your answer key.
  31. Buy costumes and act out your favorite video game with your friends. Make it a ‘live action role play’ sort of party. Come dressed as your favorite Super Smash Bros. character, and host a series of battles amongst your group. 
  32. Travel to your favorite state for a week/weekend, and enjoy all of the different sights to see. Take a stroll along the Golden Gate Bridge, or whip out your camera by the Grand Canyon.
  33. A Gymboree-themed birthday party is a great way for children to have fun and let out some well needed energy.
  34. Rent out a cute cabin in the woods with some friends, and have yourself a nice weekend getaway. Explore the wildlife and enjoy the authentic sounds that nature has to offer.
  35. Try to accomplish every doable item on your bucket list. Life’s too short to wait until later on in life.
  36. Put a chefs hat on and have a baking-themed birthday party. “Bookmark” a set of online recipes and assign each friend to an entree or dessert. May the best chef win.  
  37. If you’re having a birthday in the midst of a global pandemic, have a zoom-themed party. Invite up to 100 people, change your backgrounds to the location of your choice, and pretend that you’re enjoying a nice getaway vacation to the destination of your dreams.
  38. What’s a “happy” birthday, without an amusement park themed party? After all, the name is in the title. ‘Amuse’-ment park. Whether it’s going to Disney Word or Six Flags, it’ll be a thrill for both you and your loved ones. 
  39. Go to IKEA. I know, I know. You’re probably thinking, “why would I go to IKEA for my birthday?”. Well, you get a bunch of free things in one. First, there’s the free samples of food. Then, for the birthday parents, you can leave your child in a daycare, while you shop around the store. The best part? You don’t even have to buy anything. You can peruse the store, envision your dream house, and think about what you’d want to include in it for the future. 
  40. Go visit a zoo that you haven’t been to before. Most zoos offer a “birthday party” option, where you and your guests will have the option to get up close and personal with a few of the less dangerous animals. 
  41. Go to a county fair. If your birthday lies within the Summer months, this would be perfect for you. Walk around, eat a corndog, and go on some really fun rides with your friends. Most fairs also have concerts included for later on.
  42. Donate some money to a charity of your choice. Facebook has been the first social media platform to offer this option on your birthday. You can choose a charity that’s near and dear to your heart, and donate/ask others to donate, in honor of your birthday.
  43. Go on a hike and have lunch at the top of a mountain with your best friend. An intimate social gathering with food and a beautiful view? Goals.
  44. Create your own “red carpet” party. You’re the star of the show, and your friends can arrive as paparazzi and your posse. 
  45. Buy a “Cameo” for yourself. Find a celebrity that you’re a massive fan of, and buy a personalized birthday video from them.
  46. Go to the movie theater, and indulge in all of the snacks/slushies that the theater has to offer.
  47. Create a scavenger hunt, based on your favorite game, movie, tv show, or celebrity. Ex: An island themed scavenger hunt based on “Lost”.
  48. Learn a new instrument. Go to your local music store, pick up that guitar, or sit down by the piano, and ask for someone to teach you a few chords.
  49. Go to a car dealership and take a picture near the car of your dreams. Fool your friends on social media, into thinking that you bought the most expensive car. If you have a license, ask the dealer to go for a test drive.
  50. For 21+ birthday gals/gentlemen, if nightclubs aren’t your scene, run out to the Liquor store and get some bottles of your choice. You and your friends can act as your own bartenders.
  51. Go skydiving. This is perfect if you’re just turning 18, as that’s the minimum age requirement. 
  52. For those 18 years and younger, who’ve always wanted to skydive, you can try the iFly simulator. You just have to get a parent/guardian signature, and you’re good to go.
  53. An escape room birthday party sounds like a blast. They’re the hottest rage right now, so time to put your intellect to the test and figure out those puzzles.
  54. Request tickets for a live show. Whether it’s “The Voice”, “The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon”, or a “Good Morning America Concert Series”, you get to be a part of a live studio audience, and you might even catch yourself on national television. 
  55. Tour your favorite television/movie studio. Warner Brothers, Universal Studios and Disney all offer some type of studio tour. If you like watching “Friends”, “Harry Potter”, “The Big Bang Theory”, “The Grinch”, and more, then this would make for a fun-filled birthday excursion. 
  56. Visit a trampoline park with your friends, and attempt your first flip. You can jump, flip, dunk a basketball, and cannonball into a soft foam pit. 
  57. Play Cards Against Humanities. If you’ve invited friends to your party that run in different circles, then this game is the perfect ice breaker.
  58. Play Truth or Dare: Birthday Edition. Your friends might ask you about the worst guest who’s ever attended one of your past parties, or you might get dared to push your sibling’s face into your birthday cake.
  59. Create your own dance competition. Have your family members act as the “judges”, while you and your friends create your own dance to a song of your choice. 
  60. Re-decorate your room. This one is more of a solo task, but it can be fun! Turn up some music and turn your room into the year that you want to live in. If you’re turning 10, make it butterfly themed or Fortnite themed. If you’re turning 17, buy some LED lights, a cozy comforter, and enjoy making TikToks in your new and improved room.
  61. Play “Travel Roulette”. Put 10 of the most accessible locations around you into a jar. Then, shake it up and choose a piece of paper. Whichever location you choose is where you have to go for a birthday picture. 
  62. Play “Fast Food” roulette. Write the names of your favorite fast food places, put them in a hat, and choose one. The place that you choose is where you’ll enjoy a birthday meal. 
  63. Reserve a spot for a musical/play you’ve always wanted to see. Although Broadway is only in New York, many states/countries offer theater productions. Enjoy a day of fun music and an unpredictable storyline.
  64. Go visit a national landmark that you’ve always dreamt of seeing. If you can’t travel that far just yet, start off with a landmark in your vicinity.
  65. Visit an indoor adventure park. Those indoor parks have everything — from go karting and laser tag, to trampolines and rock climbing walls.
  66. For non-drinkers, play a standard game of Uno. It’s competitive, light hearted, and it’s a great way of passing the time.
  67. For 21+ drinkers, play an alcohol based card game. The King’s Cup is a great one. See how drunk you can get your friend(s).
  68. Buy a ping pong table and have a blast. See how many of your friends you can put to the test. Winner gets to stay in the game, and the loser trades positions with a new player.  
  69. Beer pong. Beer pong is simple, because all you need is alcohol (or water) and several plastic cups. You also need a ping pong ball, but luckily, you can buy a bunch of those on Amazon for around $7.
  70. If you or your friend own a pool table, I highly suggest playing a game or two. Each round can last an average of twenty to thirty minutes, with a lot of room for conversation in between. This is great if you’re waiting for dinner to cook, or waiting for your family to set up your birthday cake. 
  71. A pool party. You’re never too old to put on a bathing suit and invite a group of your friends over to swim and play games. After attempting to make a whirlpool, you can play games like “Red Light, Green Light”, “Sharks & Minnows”, and “Marco, Polo”
  72. Go on a boat ride. You can rent a pontoon boat, a sailboat, or if you really have money, go the extra mile and rent a yacht for the day. No matter which type of boat you choose, it’s a great way to relax and disappear from all of your worries and stress for the day. A stress-free birthday is exactly what the fun doctor had ordered. 
  73. Go to the park and enjoy a nice stroll through nature. If you’re a parent, this is perfect for you. Take your child to the park, and while they’re playing on the swings and having fun on the slide, you can sit on a park bench and take in all that nature has to offer. If you’re a dog parent, take your dog to the dog park and let them run free. 
  74. Poker. Get a group of amateur poker players together, and try to win some money for your birthday. Try not to involve your best friend in this one, because they most likely already know what your poker face looks like. 
  75. As long as you’re 21+, take a night off and go to the casino. Play the slot machines, and if you’re a beginner, try your luck at the penny machines first. You lost less money this way, but you also have the chance to make a good chunk of change. You can drink at your leisure, while making money the fun way. Sounds like a pretty great birthday!
  76. Go tubing (water version). Hook a giant tube onto the back of a boat, have one person controlling the speed of the boat, and hold on tightly. Oftentimes, a water tube will have an extra set of handles for a second person to join you. Make sure that the captain of the boat is keeping a watchful eye, for when you slip off of the tube. Oh, and please wear a life jacket. 
  77. Go skiing/snowboarding. Upstate New York and Colorado are two prime examples of skiing/snowboarding environments. Put on your protective gear, grab a set of skis (or a board) and shred down the slope of your choice. There’s different types of slopes, from beginner to expert. So, there’s an option for everyone. 
  78. Go tubing (snow version). Go to a snow tubing hill, lay on the tube (or sit on it), and have a family/friend push you down with full force. It’ll be such an exciting ride down. 
  79. Buy a “meet and greet” ticket for a celebrity of your choosing. Depending on your budget, you could either meet your favorite singer, YouTuber, TikToker, or actor/actress. Buying a ticket to meet your idol will motivate you to have something to look forward to, in the near future. 
  80. Zipline through the mountains. Ziplining is great, if you want to take a risk, without diving out of an airplane. Although you’re flying through the air like superman, the views below are always worth it. You can go to Las Vegas’ “Slotzilla Zipline”, which is very populated and urban, or you can do something like ziplining in Ecuador. This is a more intimate experience, because rather than being in a crowd, you’re cruising over a waterfall and the mountainous regions below. 
  81. “Adopt” an animal (tiger). Go online and research reputable animal wildlife organizations, that specialize in saving the tigers. Enroll in either a monthly subscription or a one-time payment, and receive a care package — often times including a cute stuffed animal, to represent your ‘adoption’. 
  82. Get dressed up and pretend you’re a model. Start off by having someone photograph you in front of a plain background. Then, explore the different aesthetics within your area. 
  83. Take a ceramics class and learn how to make a bowl or cup for your mom, dad, grandparent, aunt or uncle. This could serve as a relaxing activity for you, while saving you time and money for Mother’s/Father’s Day. 
  84. Go onto a train/subway, and get off at a random stop. Explore a new city for the day, and get out of your comfort zone.
  85. Research a new tv show with a character that describes you, and binge watch as much as you can. 
  86. Film a funny skit with your friends, and post it onto social media. You never know… You could go viral. 
  87. Choose a country that you’re fascinated with, and make your birthday a “day of culture”. Research the standard wardrobe and types of food for that country, and try to recreate it at home.
  88. Learn how to jetski. Watch some tutorials on YouTube beforehand, and rent a jetski for however long your budget can afford. Have fun, but be careful as well. 
  89. Learn a new trick, such as doing a handstand or mastering the perfect burpee. Birthdays are usually full of energy and excitement. So, turn up the music, and motivate yourself to master a trick that you’ve always wanted to perfect. 
  90. Accomplish a New Year’s Resolution that still remains unaccomplished. You only get one birthday a year, which means so little time to accomplish everything on your bucket list. Well, if you have a resolution that you’ve tried to accomplish for years now, use your birthday as an excuse to motivate yourself. 
  91. Invite your friends over and play the “Guess That Song” game with them. You can alternate between modern day songs, and theme songs from childhood shows.
  92. Host a movie marathon day with your friends. You can even order pizza and lay out a “make your own sundae” bar for dessert. 
  93. Go to Carvels or your favorite frozen yogurt place, and pick up the largest ice cream size/biggest cake you can find. You deserve to treat yourself.
  94. Go to a “Medieval Times” type of show, where you get a source of entertainment + a three course meal. Then, you can head to the gift shop for some souvenirs on your way out.
  95. Go to an “old time photo booth” store, put on some wardrobe from an earlier time period, and trick your friends into thinking that you’re immortal. 
  96. Explore an abandoned building, but do so at your own discretion, and research the location first. Ensure that the location is legal to visit, and that you won’t get into any trouble with law enforcement, while there. 
  97. Have a backyard party. Set up some string lights, grab the corn chips and guac, and enjoy a night out with family/friends by the bonfire.
  98. Roast marshmallows and chocolate over an open fire, and enjoy a Summer camp-themed night, full of songs and s’mores.
  99. Prank call your best friend, and try to challenge yourself. Use a voice that won’t make them believe that it’s you.
  100. Go out and get a tattoo, but be spontaneous with it. Have a few choices, and let your Instagram followers choose, through a poll.
  101. Rent out ATVs for a day and ride around on them in the woods. Be sure to wear a helmet, and don’t be too reckless with it.
  102. Learn how to ride a booster board or a hoverboard. Start off with a booster board, if you’re just beginning. Booster boards have a wireless remote control, that you can use to turn, stop, and go faster. It’s definitely easier than a hoverboard — which requires balance and focus. 
  103. Do a random act of kindness and put a smile on someone’s face — whether that be holding the door open for them, helping an elderly person across the street, or buying a meal for someone in need.
  104. Plan a cruise of your choosing. If you’ve ever wanted to go on the Disney Cruise, now’s your time to do it. You’re getting older by the minute, so take the opportunity to go on a cruise and enjoy yourself for the week. It’ll be some much needed “you” time. 
  105. Act out the script from your favorite film, and “hire” your friends as your co-stars. Hollywood is great, but what’s even better is working with your friends on a film — without the pressures of having to be perfect. 
  106. Walk into a jewelry store, and act like you’re looking to get married. Ask to see a few engagement rings, try them on, and take a few pictures. You can save those pictures for later on, and “accidentally” Airdrop them to your significant other. It’ll be a light-hearted moment between the both of you. 
  107. Tour an ice cream factory (Ben and Jerrys). Go to Vermont and explore the vast land of Ben and Jerrys. The tour is filled with photogenic ice cream-themed sites, free samples, and you even get a chance to explore the “ice cream cemetery”, which is flooded with discontinued ice cream flavors. 
  108. Visit a butterfly garden, and learn about the different types of butterflies and their natures. Legend has it that butterflies signify good fortune. So, if a butterfly lands on you, while you’re in the exhibit, then you’re in luck. 
  109. Go to a wildlife aquarium, and discover all types of sea creatures, their functions, and their personalities. 
  110. Go onto a beach with a metal detector. You never know what one will find beneath the sand. You might just hover above some gold. 
  111. Get a piercing, in the location of your choice. Do thorough research, before embarking on that journey.
  112. Take an animation class and animate a day in your life. The Disney theme parks offer an ‘Animation Academy’ as one of their attractions. 
  113. Rewatch old childhood shows/films. Each birthday means being closer and closer to adulthood and independence. Sometimes, it can be really freeing to watch a show from your childhood, go back in time, and forget about your current hardships.
  114. Go to Ancestry.com. Learn about your ancestral history, and try to connect with a long lost family member. 
  115. Have a water balloon fight with your friends. Go to the dollar store, grab a few packs of water balloons, hook the spouts under the faucet, tie them up, and start the water balloon war. 
  116. If it’s snowing out, make an igloo. Although it may not be made out of see through material, you can pack the snow into a mountain, and then begin to form an opening. Have some hot cocoa in there, and it’ll be a day to remember. 
  117. Get a makeover. Ask your best friend to follow a makeup tutorial, use the resources that are readily available to them, and go crazy. Try to be specific with the type of look at you want to emanate.  
  118. Participate in a Relay For Life event to fight against cancer. Stay up all night and walk laps around an indoor gymnasium, make new friends, and purchase food/drinks, to show your support for those battling cancer. 
  119. Take a surfboarding lesson at your local beach. Even if the waves aren’t high enough, at least you can learn how to properly paddle and balance on a board.
  120. Go shopping for a new phone. It doesn’t have to be the iPhone 12, but something within your budget that will make for a cute, new addition.
  121. If you enjoy reality television shows, invite your friends over for a night full of drama. From “The Bachelor/The Bachelorette”, to “Say Yes To The Dress”, you’ll be biting your nails every second.
  122. Have an elegant party by a lakeside venue. You can sit inside for food, burn some calories off with a professional DJ dance party, and take photos outside by a lakeside view.
  123. DIY it. Go to a craft store and grab a few wooden stakes and wooden letters. Then, pick up some paint, fill in your name, and attach the letters to your wooden stakes. Decorate your front yard with your name, to let your neighbors and friends know where the party is. 
  124. Create a “dessert bar”. Make a three tiered cake, with each layer being a different flavor. Add an assortment of cupcakes, with different flavors and toppings of your choice. Add some gummy worms to the “floor” of the dessert bar for an added touch.
  125. Visit a wolf sanctuary. If you’re younger than 18, a parent/guardian is required to accompany you. Enjoy a day in the wild, petting the wolves and getting to know about their daily habits. 
  126. Have an artistic party. Hire a clown for entertainment, a makeup artist to face paint the guests, and if your driveway is concrete, chalk up the driveway with some artistic pictures. 
  127. Create a new “resolution” list for your next birthday. Write down everything that you want to accomplish, fold it up, put it in a safe box, and come back to it the following year. 
  128. Spend some time for yourself. Request a breakfast in bed voucher, lay down, turn on your favorite movie/show and relax. You deserve a day to yourself for once.
  129. Grab a gift basket and go to the dollar store. Time yourself and see how many items you can grab within a set time. Put that into the gift basket and treat yourself.
  130. Go to the top of the most beautiful building in your city and use that opportunity for a photoshoot. (Ex: The Empire State Building in NYC).
  131. Buy some flowers, plant it, and start your own garden. Planting is a great way to relax, and it can also save you some money, if you decide to plant fruit/veggies. 
  132. Buy a new camera and start a YouTube channel. You can vlog your birthday activities, learn how to edit, and build your own online social media presence. 
  133. Go to an obstacle course. This is better if you have multiple people to compete against. Obstacle courses typically include wall climbing, inflatable slides, weaving, a balance beam, and more. 
  134. Scrapbook. Find an old, empty binder, and start collecting important photos, documents, or ticket stubs that mean a lot to you. You’ll look back at the binder in 5 years, and all of the memories will come flooding back to you.
  135. Bungee jumping. If you’re a daredevil, this one’s perfect for you. Sign up to go bungee jumping, but make sure that the company is reputable, safe, and please make sure your harness is secure before jumping. 
  136. Have a birthday comedy roast. Comedy Central did it first, but sit in a ‘throne’, and allow each one of your friends/family members to come up and make digs/jokes towards you for your birthday.
  137. Go window shopping. Use your birthday as a day to buy items that you normally wouldn’t buy. Go on TikTok and search for ‘life hack’ items. Create a wish list, and if they’re too expensive online, see if you can find similar items at the mall.  
  138. Go on a horse carriage ride. Although they’re fairly expensive, it’s such a memorable moment, trotting down your city in the comfort of a cute and cozy carriage. 
  139. Go on a two person bike ride around your town. Rent a tandem bike for the day, and explore biking trails that you never knew existed. Take your significant other, best friend, or sibling with you for the ride.
  140. Go on a retreat. Social media is great, but sometimes we all need a break from our phones. Going on a yoga retreat is wonderful because you get a weekend full of mind over matter and no phones in sight.
  141. Write an autobiography. Even if you’re not a writer, write down what you’ve accomplished so far. This is a great way to motivate yourself to keep going.
  142. Try some food that you’ve never had before. It’s easy to tell yourself that you don’t like something, when you’ve never even tried it. Tailor your birthday as a day to try something new.
  143. Play a game of charades with your family. This would especially be perfect for a close knit family who likes to talk. Charades is a way for those to be competitive, without being able to scream at one another. 
  144. Go paragliding. The operator will take you out onto a boat, hook you onto a harness, and off you go into the air. You’ll be soaring above the island, and occasionally, the operator might dip you into the water for fun, before reeling you back into the boat.
  145. Get a surprise cake explosion box. If somebody else gets this for you, it’ll be even better. It’s the surprise of the box that really adds that extra “wow” effect.
  146. Design your own birthday themed snapchat filter. It’s only $5 (depending on size and duration), and you get to set a start time for the event. You do have to create the filter at least 24 hours in advance, though. 
  147. Make an at-home scavenger hunt, and be as specific as possible. Challenge your contestants.
  148. Design your own cups and banners. Buy Sharpies for adults, and washable markers for children. 
  149. For those 21+, create your own DIY at-home bar. Buy a “bar cart” (or build one), add the liquor, buy a cocktail shaker, and add little umbrella cocktail picks for an aesthetically pleasing drink. 
  150. For those 21 and under, create your own DIY at-home snow cone bar. Buy a snow cone machine, a few bags of ice, and an assortment of snow cone syrups. 
  151. Volunteer at an animal shelter. If you like animals, then this is perfect for you. You get to spend your day giving back and helping dogs and cats find new forever homes. 
  152. Design your own candy store. Add Kit-Kats, Snickers, M&Ms, and more to your chocolate rack. Then, switch it up by adding another section filled with Smarties, Sour Patch Kids, candy corn and more.
  153. Make your own hot cocoa bombs. Best design wins a prize. All you need for this are marshmallows, a chocolate of your choice, a pan, and a circular mold. 
  154. Make your own taco bar. You can make it vegan or non vegan, depending on your guest list preference.
  155. Have a hula hoop competition. Assign a family member to be the moderator, and have them time the competition. The last one standing wins. 
  156. Play musical chairs. If you’re trying to have a more laid back type of experience, musical chairs is the way to go. All you need is a few friends, and a chair for each one. The moderator starts the music and everyone walks around the chairs. As soon as the music stops, everyone has to find an available chair to sit in. 
  157. Go thrifting. Visit your local thrift store and treat yourself to a shopping spree. It’ll be much more affordable shopping at a thrift store, than going to the outlets.
  158. Go to a playground and enjoy the swings, monkey bars, slides, and jungle gyms.
  159. Play a game of manhunt around your front yard. Make sure that it’s dark outside, so that you have a better chance of hiding from the enemy.
  160. Research some of the best rivers/lakes around your area, and have a good old fashion fishing day.
  161. Spend a night at the most haunted hotel with a few of your friends. If you want to step it up, buy an EFP and an EVP recorder, to detect the most accurate paranormal activity.
  162. Have a party in a 5-star hotel, and order some room service. It might be expensive, so if you plan on executing that idea, start saving money now. 
  163. Take up a new craft, such as sewing. Buy a sewing machine or ask your family if they have an old one lying around, purchase the appropriate thread count, and watch some YouTube tutorials. You can even learn how to make your own pandemic mask. 
  164. Start a book club with your friends. If all you talk about is “Pretty Little Liars”, try reading all of the “Pretty Little Liars” related novels. 
  165. Tweet to your favorite celebrities, or message them on Instagram. If you say that it’s your birthday, they tend to be more responsive.
  166. For those 18+, make a dating profile and play a game with your matches. Create your own version of “The Bachelor/Bachelorette”. 
  167. Create a new TikTok dance, or come up with a new trend. Be your own version of Charli D’Amelio, and by your next birthday, you could be famous. 
  168. Invite a few of your friends over and create your own music video. iPhone flashlights can be used as a light source, the music can be added in post production, and the visuals can be as creative as your heart desires.
  169. Have an old fashioned girls night. Invite your favorite gals over, and braid each other’s hair.
  170. Go to your local Starbucks, and ask the barista to make you a “birthday drink”. Tell them to create a drink from scratch, that they can tailor to a birthday theme.
  171. Set a new world record. Research the most bizarre world record that appeals to you, and try to beat it. 
  172. Set up a bunch of piñatas and hide a “grand prize” in one of them. Assign each one of your friends to a piñata, and go crazy. 
  173. Buy an ice cream machine and experiment with different ice cream flavors. It might take some time and patience, but at least you get to taste test each flavor in the end. 
  174. If you’re just turning 18, register to vote. Voting is such an important privilege as a U.S. citizen. We get to use our voices,  and decide who would be the best fit to lead the United States.  
  175. Play freeze tag. If you have a yard or open space where you can run outside, play freeze tag with a bunch of your friends. As soon as you get tagged, you get frozen in place until another player comes up to you and unfreezes you. 
  176. Host a staring contest/straight face contest. The first one to blink or laugh first loses. No limitations apply. 
  177. Play ‘Never Have I Ever’. You can either make up your own questions, or download the app from the app store. 
  178. Do the sour candy challenge. Challenge your friend to pop a ‘warhead’ into their mouth, alongside you, and see which one spits the candy out first. 
  179. Make your own DIY board game. You can make your own version of “Monopoly”, or it could be a simple trivia game. Be as creative or simplistic as you want with it. 
  180. Carpool karaoke. Watch a few of James Cordens’ carpool karaoke sessions, and then buy yourself a car microphone. Go on a long drive with your friends, crank up the music, and get the carpool karaoke going. 
  181. Go through baby photos with your family. Ask your parents for an old photo album and go through it with them. Let them tell you about the memories from each photo. You’ll be making your parents just as happy as you are.  
  182. Go to a fast food restaurant and order what the person in front of you ordered. Good luck on that one, and may the odds be ever in your favor. 
  183. Perform at an open mic. Take that poem that you’ve been hiding for years, or that song that you swore you’d never sing, and take the ultimate risk. Perform it at a local event. 
  184. Go outside and scream “it’s my birthday” at the top of your lungs. Sometimes, a good scream is what we need. 
  185. Have a sandcastle building competition. You can even trick your friends into thinking that you have a simple sand castle mold, and then you can buy the craziest mold from Amazon. They’ll be stunned when they see your masterpiece.  
  186. Make a gift basket to the homeless. Go to the dollar store and put together a few essential items, add a few snacks in there, and deliver it to a homeless man/woman/family. They’ll appreciate the sentiment more than you know.  
  187. Visit your grandparents. Grandparents are so special and important. It’s the simplest things in life that matter most to them, and getting a surprise visit from their grandchild on their birthday would mean so much to them. 
  188. Candle making. Watch a YouTube tutorial, grab the candle wax, wicks, fragrance oil, liquid dye, etc. and start making your first candle. If this works out, you might be able to sell them on Etsy and make a good profit!
  189. Rent a limo. Have your friends wear fancy dresses/suits, bring some champagne, and enjoy the ride. When you get out of the limo, put a pair of sunglasses on and look down. Bystanders will start staring at you, trying to figure out which celebrity you are. 
  190. Rent a party bus. Invite 8-10 of your closest friends, and enjoy the ride. You’ll be able to stand up, drink, dance, and roll down the window, to show the outside world how much fun you’re having.
  191. Skateboarding party. Grab your helmets and your boards, and rent out a party at your local skate park. You can do kickflips, ollies, and cruise down the ramps at your own leisure. 
  192. Play flag football with your family. Flag football is a no-contact sport. No tackling is involved, and the objective is to grab a flag from the opposing team.
  193. Watch a sunrise/sunset. If you’re able to go on a hike or go to the beach on your birthday, then you have to go during sunrise/sunset. Aim for hiking during the sunrise, and watching the sunset on a beautiful beach. 
  194. Haunted house. If your birthday falls around October, make it extra spooky by going to a haunted house. If there are numerous haunted houses in your area, write some choices down, put them in a hat, and choose one.  
  195. Have a mukbang. Go on an Instagram Live or a TikTok live, and have dinner with your followers. While you’re eating your favorite fried chicken, or your favorite chocolate cake, you can tell a few of your life stories. 
  196. Time capsule. Think of something that’s incredibly sentimental to you at the moment. Put it in the time capsule and bury it outside. Don’t open it for another 20 years, but tell one other person where it’s hidden, just in case. 
  197. Buy a star. Go online and purchase a ‘star’ in your name. When you get your official certificate, try to match up the constellation on paper, to the constellation in the sky. 
  198. Sign up for a triathlon. It’s going to take a lot of dedication, and you’ve going to have to train in swimming, running, and biking, but you can do anything that you put your mind to.
  199. Hire an exotic dancer (21+). Rather than you doing this for your birthday, you can bring the idea up to one of your friends. Hopefully, they’ll get the hint and hire a dancer to come to your party. 
  200. Have a champagne toast. Create a heartfelt speech for those who showed up on your birthday, and then take a sip of champagne together (Apple cider for those under 21).
  201. Learn a magic trick. Buy a magic kit, watch some YouTube tutorials, and learn how to create the Houdini effect.
  202. Go watch a magic show. Las Vegas is well known for their different magic shows, but shows are performed all over the world. Research the next magic show that’s coming to a town near you, and buy tickets. 
  203. Hire a hypnotist. Allow yourself to be put in a trance, and see if you spill secrets, or do anything crazy. It’ll be a fun adventure for you and your friends. 
  204. Go bar hopping to get free drinks (21+). The more places you go to and the more people you meet, the more free drinks you’ll get. Just be careful about who’s making your drink.
  205. Find out which celebrity/historical figure has the same birthday as you. Look up the day, year, and month that you were born, and see how many celebrities or historical figures were born on the same day as you. If you want to go a step further, see who was born at the same time as you. 
  206. Research what significant event occurred on the day you were born. Did something cool happen, like the premiere of the first episode of “Wizards of Waverly Place”, or did a natural disaster occur?
  207. Buy a pair of white sneakers from a craft store and create sneaker art. You can paint stripes, a rainbow, your favorite song lyric, or anything that your heart desires. 
  208. Visit a botanical garden. Walk around the massive property, gaze at and smell the fresh scent of the different flowers, and dip into the museum, to learn about the history of your specific botanical garden. 
  209. Go diving in a cage, surrounded by sharks. Although it’s a terrifying thought, it’s definitely something unique. The cage protects divers from getting attacked by sharks. So, if you’re looking for a once in a lifetime opportunity, this is it. 
  210. Go to the shooting range. Most shooting ranges offer rental firearms. So, you don’t have to own one to practice at the range. 
  211. Go paint balling. When you enter a paintball center, you get suited up with a vest, a mask, and you’re given a paintball gun. The amount of paintballs inside of a gun depends on the pricing and location that’s nearest you. 
  212. Give axe throwing a try. In most instances, there’s an instructor there to guide you on how to properly throw an axe, so that it doesn’t boomerang back and hit you. You get to learn something new, and express any rage into throwing the axe at the wooden target. It’s a win/win!
  213. Go to the batting cages. You’re given a helmet and a bat, and oftentimes, the employee will direct you on where to stand — so that the baseballs don’t hit you. Once your credits are up, you can either pay for more balls, or your time is finished. 
  214. Go to a sports game. Now’s the perfect excuse to attend that basketball game that you’ve always wanted to go to. If the Lakers are playing, buy a ticket! You only live once, after all. Make the most of it. 
  215. Go to a break bar. You get protective goggles, and you stand far back enough where the glass can’t hit you. This is such an amazing experience, because you’re throwing the shot glasses that you just drank from into a wall with full force. 
  216. View your horoscope for your birthday. Go onto your horoscope app, and see if the description of your birthday horoscope matches the way that you feel on that day.
  217. Ride a mechanical bull. Go to a county fair and test your balance and stamina. You have to have one hand in the air at all times, and hold onto the reins with the other hand. Meanwhile, the bull will be whipping you around like crazy. 
  218. Paragliding. With the help of a trained professional, hook a parachute up to you and, with a running start, glide off of a mountain. You’ll most likely land on the beach. 
  219. Go to church if it’s Sunday, or if you’re especially religious, gather together and pray with your church friends. Then, have a sleepover and watch some movies on Pure Flix. 
  220. Go to a racing event. Find a NASCAR race or a local racing match, and buy tickets to go for your birthday. It’ll be loud, but worth it for the adrenaline rush.
  221. Take a scuba diving course. Learn which equipment you have to use, how to determine the amount of oxygen that’s left in your tank, and go with a trained professional. You’ll be able to see what’s beneath the surface of the ocean. 
  222. Go snorkeling. Whether you’re in a lake or the ocean, snorkeling is great. Snorkeling typically consists of wearing a full face goggle set, as well as inserting the snorkeling piece into your mouth. You can swim freely and look down at the creatures/marine life, without having to worry about coming up for air. 
  223. Go on a hot air balloon. Believe it or not, hot air balloons are actually really safe. The pilot weighs you before you get onto the balloon. This will determine how many guests you can bring along on the ride. You should be aware, though, that the average price for a hot air balloon ride is around $200-$300.
  224. Make a wish and let a helium balloon go outside. You can dedicate the balloon to a loved one.
  225. Write a message on a lantern and release it into the air. It can be a message of hope, faith, love, or motivation. 
  226. Have a birthday party at McDonalds, in the playroom. You can rent out the playground at McDonalds, enjoy your Happy Meals, toys, and free access to the slides and tunnels. 
  227. Learn how to milk a cow. Go to an interactive farm and if it’s your first time, ask the cow attendant to show you the ropes. It may seem weird at first, but once you’re done, you can check ‘milking a cow’ off of your bucket list. 
  228. Play pin the tail on the donkey. Get supplies from your local dollar store, and set them up at home. Blindfold each player and spin them around 3-5 times. Then, let them walk over and pin the tail on the donkey. 
  229. Cliff jumping. Do some research before you jump off of a cliff and into the water, but as long as you’re in the right location, cliff jumping will flood you with an adrenaline rush. 
  230. Have a “singing contest”. Record yourself singing the same song as your sibling/friend, and whoever sounds better in the end wins. 
  231. Go to the golfing range. You get a bucket of golf balls to start off with, and your objective is to hit the ball as close to the targets as possible. The further you hit the ball, the better your score will be. 
  232. Host a backyard barbecue with friends and family. Dad can cook the food, and mom can hangout with the parents of your party guests. You can play tag in the yard, or go inside and play hide and seek. For those 18+, you can play dodgeball or take a walk around the neighborhood. 
  233. Visit the Northern lights in Canada, Sweden, Greenland, Iceland, Norway or Finland. The lights will be radiating above you, and you’ll feel as though you’re on a different planet. 
  234. Make your own sleigh and test it out on a snowy hill. If it doesn’t work the first time, keep trying until you perfect it. 
  235. Design your own recipe. You may have eaten something and thought that it needed more sugar, or more chocolate chips. For your birthday, design your own meal, using ingredients and measurements that you desire. 
  236. Go wine tasting. Oftentimes, you can choose from a selection of 5+ different wines — ranging from sweet, to dry, to in between. Just try not to drink each glass too fast…
  237. Stomp on some grapes and ferment your own wine. In the Fingers Lakes District of New York, there are a lot of wineries, in which grape stomping is encouraged, amongst visitors.  
  238. Build a snowman. If your birthday falls around Winter, you can go outside, make snow angels, and pile up the snow to build a snowman. 
  239. Make your own bath bombs. There are so many DIY bath bomb tutorials online and on YouTube. Why buy one bath bomb, when you can make 10? Once you’re done, relax in a nice bath.
  240. Have a floating movie theater night. Join others, as you sit in a tube on the water and watch “Jaws”, projected onto a large screen.
  241. Create your own “VIP” themed club in the comfort of your own home. Buy a red rope and create your own guest list. 
  242. Have a food fight outdoors. Lay a giant tarp on the ground, and start throwing different foods at one another. It’ll get messy, but it’ll be fun. Just don’t go too overboard with it.
  243. Play the “what food is in my mouth?” challenge. Blindfold your friend and have them guess which food they’re tasting. 
  244. Have a Just Dance battle. You don’t have to be well versed in dancing to win a Just Dance game, but you do have to bring your A-game.
  245. Get a group together and compete in a friendly game of Mario Kart.
  246. If your birthday is in December, drive around at night time and view the Christmas lights/decorations.
  247. Test your knowledge by competing in a game of Scrabble. Compete against your sister, or your best friend, and see who can create more words.
  248. Have an “Among Us” themed birthday party. Select an imposter, and have the rest of your party guests complete mundane tasks.
  249. Invest your birthday market into the stock market. Do some research and watch some CNBC for accurate stock price predictions, and watch your money grow.
  250. Play a few scratch offs. While you may lose a few dollars, you also might gain a few. It really is a gambling system, but if you play, I wish you the best of luck!
  251. Play the mega million lottery. Who knows? You might just be the grand prize winner. 
  252. Buy a tamagotchi and throw it back to your childhood. You’ll have to feed, play and take care of the little guy as if it were your child.
  253. Build the world’s largest Lego tower. Just be careful not to step on them, once it falls. 
  254. Throw it back to the early 2000s with a family game night. Monopoly is a must, and so is Bop It. 
  255. Make your birthday life hack-themed. Send a “5 Minute Crafts” video into your group chat, and assign everyone a project from the video that they have to recreate. 
  256. Spend the day in bed, playing GamePigeon, Words With Friends, and Evil Apples with your friends.
  257. Buy the “Adventure Challenge” family bundle, and enjoy a series of spontaneous adventures with the people you love. The bundle also comes with a camera, to document your experiences. 
  258. Buy a new makeup kit, watch a James Charles tutorial, and attempt to recreate some of his looks. 
  259. Go on a vineyard retreat for a weekend. Enjoy the country view, peace and quiet, and the palpable taste of various selections of wine. 
  260. Have a cake-eating contest. Put your hands behind your back, and verse your best friend. The first one to finish an entire slice of cake wins. 
  261. Make your own volleyball net outside. Divide into two teams, and play a competitive round of volleyball. 
  262. Take a spin class. Put your muscles to work and take a beginner’s spin class. You’ll have the option of putting your resistance on, or going at your own pace. Either way, you’ll be breaking a sweat. 
  263. Have a crime-themed party. Everyone arrives in a jumpsuit color of your choice, and their own reason as to why they were sentenced to prison.
  264. Go visit an orchard farm. While there, you can pick out fresh veggies and fruits to bring back home. You can use these for fruit/veggie smoothies. 
  265. Go apple picking. Grab a bag and go hunting for the best looking apples. Whether its Gala, Honeycrisp,or Granny Smith, apple orchards have them all. 
  266. Go pumpkin picking. Go to a pumpkin patch and search for the perfect pumpkin. You can later use the pumpkin to carve a face, paint a mural, or make pumpkin pie. 
  267. Get a psychic reading. Visit a psychic and allow them to read your energy. Sometimes, you’d be surprised at how accurate they can be. 
  268. Start a “free trial” on every applicable streaming service. Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Video are just three out of many options. 
  269. Make amends with distant family/friends that you haven’t spoken to in a while. They might miss you just as much as you miss them. 
  270. Rent a food truck to cater your party. Imagine having an unlimited amount of tacos or burritos? YUM.
  271. Watch cartoons from your childhood all day. Turn Cartoon Network or Boomerang on, watch The Pink Panther and enjo. 
  272. Go shopping for a new pair of sneakers. If you want the most expensive amount of sneakers, and you can afford it, buy them. Otherwise, look for comfortable, cute sneakers that are within your budget. 
  273. Learn how to shuffleboard. Your objective is to hit the puck with force (but not too much force) to land in the correct scoring area. 
  274. Play a game of solitaire. Download a solitaire app on your phone, or buy a physical pack of cards to play with.  
  275. Learn how to play chess, and try to master the game before the day is over. Then, challenge your friends. They won’t even know what hit them. 
  276. Go to the YMCA and take a swimming class. Do some research to see how much a class is, and enroll. You may learn something that you didn’t know before. 
  277. Play “the floor is lava”. Hop from your bed to the living room, without touching the floor. Partner up with a teammate to figure out your best route. 
  278. Learn how to do origami. Buy the required size paper, put on a series of origami tutorials on YouTube, and enjoy. 
  279. Buy an “impossible puzzle” and see how long it takes you to put all of the pieces together.
  280. Play an indoor version of “Marco, Polo”. In a safe room, everyone closes their eyes (except for the main player) and attempts to tag the culprit.
  281. Play the telephone game. Go around in a circle and whisper a secret to the next person. See if the last person gets the secret right, or if they hear something completely different.
  282. Play wii sports video games. Make sure the safety strap is on first, though, because competitive players have been known to accidentally break their televisions. 
  283. Go to the park and feed bread to the ducks. They’ll appreciate the gesture, and it’ll be a relaxing break for you as well. 
  284. Go bird watching and test your bird-knowledge. If there are no variations of birds in your area, then go to the next town over. Find a set of interesting birds and bring binoculars. 
  285. Write to a random pen pal. Go on a reputable pen pal website and find an address from the list. Write a letter to him/her, like the good ol’ days.
  286. Take a woodshop class. Learn how to carve a birdhouse, or create a toy car. 
  287. If it’s windy outside, go out and fly a kite. Invite friends over and have a kite flying competition in open space. 
  288. Create your own popsicles, using ingredients that are already in your kitchen. Then, blindfold a friend and have them guess what the popsicles are made out of. 
  289. Tour a cheese factory, and see how cheese is made. You might get to taste test the different types of cheeses, depending on where you go. 
  290. Go to an illusions museum. In the famous words of Selena Gomez, “everything is not what it seems”.
  291. Go to Disney and attend the interactive “Turtle Talk” segment. You have the opportunity to ask Crush some questions, and he may just call you out. 
  292. Go on a safari adventure. Go to Disney World and ride the safari into the different sections of the conservation. Each section contains a different species of animals. 
  293. Take a ride on an elephant. You need to hold on for this one, but the elephants are so majestic. Going on an elephant ride is something special. 
  294. Learn how to voice over your favorite animated character. This may take a few hours to master, but I promise you that it’s possible. Start with Mickey Mouse first. 
  295. Learn how to do foley for movies. Watch YouTube videos and attempt to recreate animated movie sounds, by using household items. 
  296. Play Rock Band with a group of your friends. Test your skills by working up to the “expert” level. 
  297. For a solo birthday, pick up your fake Guitar and have a Guitar Hero marathon. Reminisce on classic rock songs, like “Rock Me Like A Hurricane” or “I Wanna Rock and Roll All Night”.
  298. Go to random stores, try a bunch of clothes on, and have a fitting room photoshoot. This way, you can have photos for your Instagram, without having to ruin your bank account. 
  299. For every present that you get, buy a toy for your pet. Depending on how large or little your gift pile is, you might either go broke, or you might be able to keep most of your money. 
  300. Print out a bunch of posters of your choice, and hang them around your room. It can be heartfelt, motivational, comedic, etc. 
  301. Volunteer at a nursing home and read to the elderly. The elderly are oftentimes alone, with not much activity going on around them. Taking the time out of your birthday to read to them, or talk to them, will brighten their day.  
  302. Go to your city’s “Lost and Found”. See what hasn’t been claimed in months, and pick up a free birthday present.
  303. Buy an electric scooter and race around your neighborhood, with your friends. Try to do a jump or a wheelie, if you can. It may earn you brownie points.
  304. Create your own coupon that excuses you from doing chores for the day. You can hand it to your parents with a smile, and lay down all day. 
  305. Let out some birthday steam by taking a boxing class. Go to UFC or another gym, and see if they offer a free guest class. If they do, take advantage of it. 
  306. Learn how to do some type of acrobatics (flips, splits, high kicks). Don’t just go off of a YouTube tutorial for this one. If you have a friend who knows how to do acrobatics, have them teach you and spot you. 
  307. Go to a sauna and reflect on some of your favorite memories. You have about thirty minutes without being able to use your phone. So, use your time wisely!
  308. Hire a personal chef to make your favorite dishes for the day. You can even stay in bed and let the food come to you. 
  309. If you’re more of an indoors type of person, go online and look for the best type of deals on technology, clothing and home goods. Do some online shopping for yourself. 
  310. Host your own sophisticated tea party. Bake some homemade cookies for guests to dip into, pull out the old family China, and buy lots of green tea. 
  311. Buy an easy bake oven. Re-live your childhood by buying an easy bake oven. If it’s a children’s birthday party, then this is a great alternative to baking, without using a real oven.
  312. Go to your nearest ropes course. This is perfect for children, teens, and adults who need to burn off some extra energy.
  313. Have a disco party. Tell your guests to come as if they were from the 70’s. Buy a disco ball, turn off the lights, and have a blast. 
  314. Have a fashion show. Put on your best dresses and do a runway walk to different music. Have your friends act as the judges. 
  315. Cut or dye your hair. It might be time for a change. If your hair has been dark your whole life, change it to a lighter color, or a different color of your choice. If your hair is really long, maybe you want a haircut or a different hairstyle. Today is your day.
  316. Have a Hawaiian themed party. Buy a ‘sunset in Hawaii’ type of backdrop, wear a tropical shirt, put umbrella picks into the alcohol beverages, get an inflatable beach ball, and get leis for the party guest to wear around their necks. 
  317. Play a game of Taboo. It’s tough, because you have to try and describe the word, without directly saying the word.  
  318. Play Quelf. It’s best with three or more people. Your objective is to get the game piece to the end of the board game. However, for each time that you roll a dice, you have to draw a card. The card could either benefit you, or hurt you. There’s rapping involved, weird challenges, and all around, it’s a fun game to play with family/friends. 
  319. Test your television knowledge with a game of trivia. Trivia Crack is best to play if you’re playing with friends from afar. 
  320. Go to a film festival. Support your local filmmakers and try to scout the next big director/writer. If you like the movie, try to make friends with the filmmakers there. 
  321. Throw a “Gatsby” themed party. Tell the guests to wear something elegant, share their playlists with you, and bring lots of good drinks.
  322. Go off-roading. You can take your jeep (or your friend’s jeep) and speed down the dirt road. You’ll get all dusty and dirty, and you may get muddy if you decide to drive into a swamp. However, if you’re okay with that, then it’ll be a great activity to do on your birthday. 
  323. Do a 24-hour challenge somewhere legal. Rather than doing a 24 hour challenge at Target and risk getting arrested on your birthday, do a 24 hour challenge in the woods, or in the Amazon rainforest. 
  324. Host a large event at a party hall. You can eat and dance inside, but when it gets too hot and stuffy, you can cool off outside with friends. 
  325. Have a “Survivor” themed party on the beach. Everyone has to compete in challenges for access to food, water and shelter. The loser is ‘eliminated’ off of the island, and the others get to stay. 
  326. Play a game of ‘Categories’ in a pool. One person states a category (food, drinks, Disney movies, etc), and the second that the category is announced, you have to jump into the water. While mid air, you only have one second to state a word that’s relevant to the category. If you hit the water without shouting a relevant response, you lose. (Ex: for “food”, you would jump into the water and shout “pizza”). 
  327. Play assassins with your friends and whoever wins gets a prize. Everyone has a name tag attached to themselves. The ‘assassin’ is in charge of sneakily ripping the name tags off, hence ‘killing’ the player. Once all of the name tags are ripped off, the ‘assassin’ wins. 
  328. 21+ have a cocktail night where everyone makes and brings their own favorite drink, designed to a themed platter. For example, if my assigned platter was red jello, I’d bring a bloody mary. 
  329. A fancy dinner party. Everyone is in wedding-themed attire, the food has fake gold flakes on it, and you create your own fancy name for the menu. 
  330. Go to a Thrift Store and buy the fanciest gown you find. Wear it around your town and city for the day with your friends.
  331. Organize a game for your friends and pick teams. Have a set of three to five games in mind, and allow your guests to choose from the games. The game with the most votes is the one that you’ll play. Capture the flag is always a fun game. 
  332. Disney Party. All guests show up as their favorite character and you watch as many films from over the years as possible.
  333. Hire a dance coach and take a class with your friends. Pretend you’re an actor in a major motion picture, who has to learn their dance routine in a matter of weeks. You’re the star of this dance class. 
  334. Go to a drive-in movie theater. Bring your best friend or significant other to a drive-in movie. You can eat popcorn without having to worry about munching too loud, and you can make commentary throughout the movie, without fearing being yelled at. 
  335. Scary Movie Marathon. Choose a list of scary movies to watch on Netflix or Hulu, and convince your friends to watch it with you. If you want to prank them, act like you’re going to the bathroom, and then sneak back into the room and scare them. 
  336. Make a film with your friends. Instead of reading a script and acting it out, bring in a whole camera crew. Assign one friend as the PA, one friend as the director, one as the screenwriter, etc. It’s YOUR world today. 
  337. Go to a local beauty shop for makeovers before hitting the town. You can go to Sephora and ask for an eye makeover. Although they only do one eye, they teach you how to do the other. It’s an in-person tutorial.  
  338. Make a ‘motivation’ board. It can be in the form of a poster board, a wall decal, or a decorative wooden letter that you can hang on your wall. Choose your favorite motivational quote(s) and print them out/order them online. This way, you can look around your room every day and feel inspired. 
  339. Camp in your backyard and project a movie onto the side of your house. You can set up a few bean bags to watch the movie, and then sleep in a tent.
  340. Take a portion of your paycheck out and put it to the side. Take that money, go to Target with your friends, and set a spending limit. See how many items you and your friends can buy for that amount of money. The one who spends the least and buys the most, wins. 
  341. Roadtrip to an unknown destination. Play “road trip roulette” with your friends. You have to tell the designated driver to get off at a certain exit, turn left/right, or go straight, until you reach the destination that you all agree upon.  
  342. Make a resolution to learn a new language by your next birthday. If you need help, download DuoLingo and go through the practice exercises. With hard work and consistency, you’ll be learning Spanish/French/Italian/Portugese before you know it. 
  343. Diet starts tomorrow. Take a break from your usual healthy eating habits, and treat yourself to a slice of pizza or a few pieces of cake. You deserve a cheat day.  
  344. Mani/Pedi. If you can’t afford a full spa day, head over to your local nail salon, and get either a buff, a french manicure/pedicure, or a custom nail design. 
  345. Gift your friend “Open When” cards throughout the year to open (Open When: You’re anxious/Open When: You’re angry at your mother).
  346. A birthday shot for every year that you’ve been legal to drink. If you’re just turning 21, start off with one (plus a bonus), if you’re 22, take two shots (plus a bonus), and so on. Stay safe though!
  347. Go to Lake Hollywood Park. One amazing thing about Los Angeles is the Hollywood sign. However, it’s tough to get up close, unless you hike two hours. Lake Hollywood Park provides an easily accessible, up close view to the Hollywood sign.
  348. Learn a family recipe. While it can be easy to learn a recipe online, it’s a lot of pressure to perfect a family recipe, that’s been used for many holidays. If you’re craving grandma’s peach cobbler pie, ask her for the recipe and take the day to make it, as a treat for yourself.  
  349. Visit your parents for a birthday dinner. If you’re 21+, living in a different city or state, freedom can be fun. However, spending your birthday with your parents and going back to your roots will be such a special day for you both. 
  350. Spend a romantic night with your partner for dinner and wine. Ask him/her to create a “birthday” date, and let them create some birthday magic. Whether it turns out lavishly, or it turns out disorganized, at least you’ll be surprised either way!
  351. Put all your friends’ names in a hat and whoever you pick you must dress as for the event of the party. It’s very fun to see what your friends come up with, whether you stay in for dinner or go out to the clubs 
  352. Chili Contest. Everyone makes their own recipe and at the end, you take a blind vote on who was everyone’s favorite. 
  353. Put in sunglasses and walk through your local mall or city, with your friends asking for your autograph/picture. You’ll be surprised how many people ask for pictures as well.
  354. If you’re alone for your birthday, order all your favorite foods, enjoy a cozy bath, and celebrate the comfort of your own company and home. Sometimes a quiet day to yourself is necessary. 
  355. Rent a bike. If you’re in a major city, it’s a lot of money to Uber everywhere. Rent a bike for a few hours to get around and explore parks, stores, and landmarks that you have yet to see in person. 
  356. Get your boating/Jet-Skiing/Motorcycle license. If you already know how to drive a boat/jet-ski/motorcycle, apply for a license. You just need to pass the required safety tests, pay a small fee, and then you’re all set.  
  357. Get yourself a mason jar. Every day moving forward, when something happens that makes you smile, put it on a piece of paper, fold it up, and place it in the jar. The following year, present it to yourself. 
  358. Print out pictures of you and your friends for a photo album. You can accompany the album with stories and hand written messages for your friends.
  359. Go to a speed dating dinner. Maybe you’ll meet your soulmate over some bread, pasta and wine. Try not to get too tipsy, before the night is over. However, if alcohol is what will make you confident enough to shine, go for it. 
  360. Save up for wax museums like Madame Tussauds — with locations around the world for our enjoyment. You pay $36-$58 for a realistic meet and greet, with rooms of celebrities/historical figures. 
  361. Visit a historical town for their tours and history. Philadelphia is a great one to sightsee. You can go on their infamous ‘duck tour’, where your van turns into a boat. Then, once you’re back, you can embark on the “Constitutional Walking Tour” — where you explore the history of PA, such as the Liberty Bell, the “Rocky” steps, and more. 
  362. Reserve a tour, to take a ride around your closest city. While you may think you know your city very well, you’d be surprised by how little you actually know. 
  363. Many college campuses sell tickets to fairs, performances, seminars, and workshops. It could be such a fun treat to see up and coming stars, and to learn new things.
  364. Have an 80s movie marathon with your family. Your mom has most likely watched most, if not all of the classics: “Sixteen Candles”, “The Breakfast Club”, “The Outsiders”, “National Lampoon’s Vacation” and more. 
  365. Start a podcast with your friends. Maybe you’re great at listening, and your friend is a blabber mouth. Everyone has a niche of their own. Find yours and utilize it to get your voice heard.
  366. A 21+ quarantine party. Doors lock at 6. No one can leave until all the drinks are finished. 
  367. An under 21 quarantine party. Door lock at 4. No one can leave until all food is finished. 
  368. An old YouTube binge watch-party (flashback to the early 2000s music videos, and our random viral obsessions, like “The Duck Song” and “Harry Potter Puppet Pals”) You can even make a dress theme for the occasion.
  369. Sick children and adults in hospitals can get pretty lonely. Ask your nearby hospital about their visiting organization. Some arrangements include reading to the children and playing games with them, or spending an afternoon with the adults, dancing in a nursing home or sitting beside their bed in the hospital.
  370. Start a pact to have a conversation with a stranger every day, starting on your birthday. You never know whose day you might brighten, just by saying “hello”.
  371. Walk/run a mile for every year that you’ve been alive. Depending on how old you are, it might be considered a marathon. So, have fun with it and go at your own pace. 
  372. If your birthday is in late September/October, then you might enjoy haunted mazes. You run through a cornfield, not knowing who’s around the corner, or what’s waiting inside of the corn rows. 
  373. Start a rap battle. This can be with an existing song, or if you want to make it really creative, you can each make up your own short raps, and assign someone to be the ‘beat-boxer’. 
  374. Photoshoot with your friends. Go onto your computer and open the “photo booth” app. Go crazy with the effects, and make some long lasting memories with your friends. 
  375. Professional photoshoot. Find a professional photographer on Instagram, and ask if they would be willing to take a few photos of you for your birthday. Photographers always know the best locations/lighting for pictures. 
  376. Write letters to your friends about why you’re thankful for them. It might come off as ‘random’ to them, but that’s the idea. It’s never a bad time to express the gratitude that you feel for your friends. 
  377. Visit your local festivals and carnivals. Eating fried dough, riding the Zipper, and buying cowboy/cowgirl hats are always a blast.  
  378. Try a new, exotic food, such as fried tarantula or escargot. Be adventurous, but keep a bucket by your side, just in case. 
  379. Try to engage in a new sport. If you’ve always thought that football was ‘lame’, try flag football first. You may end up liking it more than you thought.
  380. Play hockey. If you’re not on a team, but you like skating on ice, get a few of your friends together and find an empty rink that you could play on for an hour or so.   
  381. Visit your old schools and teachers. Especially if it’s been a few years since you graduated, I’m sure your old teachers would be ecstatic to see you. 
  382. Visit your old home if you’ve once moved. If the new owners are willing, take a look at your old bedroom and see how it’s been redecorated.
  383. If you experience a change of season where you live, celebrate a holiday that you never get to enjoy the opposite weather. (Christmas in the summer / Fourth of July in the Winter) 
  384. Go to Oktoberfest. Oktoberfest is a festival that happens every year in Munich, Germany. The purpose of the festival is to honor the prince of Bavaria’s marriage to princess Therese von Sachsen-Hildburghausen. It’s also the largest beer festival in the world. So, if you like to drink, this may be the perfect birthday present.  
  385. Take a ride on the tallest ferris wheel or highest roller coaster you can find (Ex: KingDa Ka in Six Flags, NJ).
  386. Challenge yourself to the scariest water slide you can get to. Think big. For example, a trap door water slide is terrifying, but exciting. 
  387. Begin your journey to apply for your dream job. Start writing down what you’ve accomplished, and create a resume.
  388. Go back to school/take new classes. It’s always fun to learn new things, and taking an 
  389. Get a therapist. Another year means that it’s never too late to learn more about who you are. 
  390. Begin your journey with meditation. There are many introductions and apps online that through time can make a difference in your life. 
  391.   Ask for homemade presents. Let’s put your friendship to the test and see how well your friends know you. 
  392. Have a murder mystery party. Let your parents decide who the ‘murderer’ is, and if you want to up the ante, create unofficial teams. You might be standing right next to the ‘murderer’, and not even know it.  
  393. Buy your dream car/house. That’s your gift from you, to you. Show yourself some love, in the same way that you show love to other people. 
  394. Make a pact to read as many books as your age throughout the year. If you fail, then the following year, you have to double the pact. 
  395. Buy a journal. Make your birthday your first entry, and continue it on, in the form of a diary or a series of short stories. 
  396. Share a birthday with a twin? Coordinate with their friends to send videos saying “happy birthday” + a short message, to be edited together for a happy birthday surprise 
  397. Make a playlist or mix tape of your favorite songs of the year. It might take a while, but it’ll make for a great carpool karaoke playlist. 
  398. YouTube tutorials are everything. Learn new tricks from creating house decorations to face painting. 
  399. Design a tattoo for you and your “birthday twin” or best friend to share. Or, better yet, you can each design a tattoo, and whichever design wins, you have to go out and get it.  
  400. Costume Party. Who says you have to wait for halloween to dress up? 
  401. If you share a birthday with your best friend, pretend that you forgot your friend’s birthday all day, and surprise them with a party and gifts at night.
  402. Surprise your friend/significant other with a visit from an old friend. Trust me when I say that they’ll appreciate a heartfelt present more than a materialistic one. 
  403. Buy a “make your own jewelry” kit. You can play the role of a “jeweler”, and create your own necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings. 
  404. Throw a party with combined themes from all your other past parties. Visit different sections of your youth throughout the night.
  405. Go tanning on a boat with friends. Bring a towel, lay it out on one of the sidelines, and enjoy a cruise on the water, as you relax and absorb the sun. 
  406. Get a spray tan. If your body doesn’t respond well to naturally tanning, you can go to a salon and get a spray tan instead. 
  407. Get eyelash extensions. Whether it’s for a photoshoot, an event, or just to stay home with family, if you’re interested in getting eyelash extensions, go for it! Self love is the most important thing. 
  408. Splurge your paycheck on new shoes and clothes. You may be a constant saver, which is great… but not on your birthday. Use your most recent paycheck to treat yourself and pamper yourself.   
  409. Plan the ultimate vacation. If you’ve always dreamt of going to another continent, now’s the time to start planning. Make an itinerary, research the best planet ticket deals, and see where you can stay. 
  410. Take a Mixed Martial Arts class. Learn about the different techniques, engage in a spar, and learn how to properly defend yourself, in case an attacker approaches. 
  411. Check out the SPYSCAPE in New York City. It’s an interactive spy museum, that includes a walk through green laser walls, a collection of different spy gadgets, and there’s even a James Bond portion of the museum. This experience is perfect for someone who’s interested in the Mission Impossible style films. 
  412. Harry Potter/Lord of the Rings/Star Wars movie marathon. Grab your movie fanatic friends, set up a comfortable viewing spot, and get to watching. You may not get through all of the movies within a day. So, you may want to plan for a birthday weekend. 
  413. Visit a planetarium. This is especially lovely if it’s too cloudy or cold outside to view the stars. You can warm up inside, lay down in a chair, and watch the stars. 
  414. Join the DJ in his booth at the club. You can do this one of two ways: Either rent out a party and you’ll get easy access into the booth, or you have to be really kind to the DJ, and mention that it’s your birthday. 
  415. Go to an EDM Rave. You have to be 18+ to attend, but there all are different types of festival raves: EDC, Coachella, Electric Zoo, Mysteryland, Bonnaroo, and more. 
  416. Go to the top of the Eiffel Tower. There are two different types of restaurant, as well as a champagne bar. So, there’s a lot to do once you get up there.  
  417. Visit the Statue of Liberty. You can either explore Liberty Island and take photos from down below, or you can climb the 354 steps to the top. That’s a fitness workout and an adventure all in one. 
  418. Go Whale Watching. Research the different types of whales beforehand, and print out a few fun facts about the whales. Try to identify each species. 
  419. Go to a blackout restaurant where the room is pitch black while you eat. This allows you to focus more on your senses, such as the taste of your food, and listening to the sounds around you.  
  420. Go to a restaurant where the staff entertains you by singing and dancing throughout the night. There’s the Stardust Diner in New York, Miceli’s Italian Restaurant in Los Angeles, and Cafe Tu Tu Tango in Orlando. 
  421. Look at your local theater or comedy club for an impromptu show. Maybe you’re feeling spontaneous and you want to enjoy some live entertainment for your birthday. Theater and comedy shows are always happening. 
  422. Donate your hair to Locks of Love. If you’re planning on cutting at least 8 inches of your hair off, donate the hair to Locks of Love. They take unwanted hair and transform them into wigs for children and teens, who have suffered from alopecia, Cancer, and bad burns. 
  423. Spend the day at your local soup kitchen. Plan your birthday party for later on in the day, and spend the morning feeding soup to the homeless. You’ll be doing a great deed, and you’ll put a smile on others’ faces.  
  424. Organize a Quidditch game with your friends. Surprisingly enough, this game isn’t just a fictional sport from “Harry Potter”. People actually do play the sport, with a broomstick underneath them. 
  425. Visit the Belvedere Castle in Central Park. The observation deck and exhibit rooms are open to the public. It really brings the meaning of “birthday king/queen” to life. 
  426. Shakespeare in the Park. Founded in 1954, “Shakespeare in the Park” is a theater that puts on free productions of old Shakespearean plays. Although admission is free, tickets won’t be released until the day of the show. So, if you’re in town on your birthday, this is a great budget-friendly way to see some classic New York theatre. 
  427. Walk the High Line in NYC. You’ll be able to see all of Brooklyn, and you’ll get a genuine taste of New York City and its culture. 
  428. Drive to various landmarks around The United States. Ex: The Grand Canyon / Mount Rushmore / Yellowstone National Park.
  429. Swim with the dolphins. This one is pricey, but hey, “go hard or go home”, right? You’ll get up close and personal with the dolphin, and you’ll experience new tricks being done, right in front of your eyes. You may even get a kiss from a dolphin. 
  430. Travel to Frisco, TX  for the Soccer Hall of Fame, Cooperstown, NY for the Baseball Hall of Fame, Nashville TN for the Country Music Hall of Fame, Hockey Hall of Fame in Ontario, in Canada, or the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, OH. 
  431. Walk the boardwalk in Las Vegas. Aside from its legendary series of casinos, the Las Vegas boardwalk transforms into numerous landmarks. There’s the New York Statue of Liberty and the Paris Eiffel Tower. There’s also a large fountain, a ferris wheel, and more. 
  432. Visit the Jersey Shore. The boardwalk is iconic, and the Jersey Shore beach is known for being the location, in which the hit MTV reality show, “Jersey Shore” was filmed. Numerous tourists have run into several cast members. So, be on the lookout if you go!
  433. Check out the Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles, CA. Take pictures in front of the beautiful Los Angeles view, and go inside to enjoy the history of the stars, as well as an interactive experience with Tesla’s Coil. 
  434. (21+) Enjoy a rooftop bar in the summer, or a hidden speakeasy for the winter. Speakeasies are fun, because there’s usually a limited capacity of who can enter. So, you and a few of your friends can go early, explore the inside, take some really nice pictures, and then leave before it gets overly crowded. Rooftop bars provide an open space for fresh air, scenic views, and a relaxed ambience. 
  435. Go White Water Rafting. Grab your family members or closest friends and enjoy a rocky ride through a rough river. This requires teamwork and patience, since you will be dealing with a multitude of waves, but it’s such an exciting experience. 
  436. Cherry Blossom Tree gardens are located all over the world, in places like the United States (Brooklyn New York/ Washington DC), Europe (Paris, France / Madrid Spain) and most beautifully, throughout Japan (Takato Castle Ruins Park, and in major cities including Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka). Take a trip and bring a camera. It is worth it! 
  437. Dress up roulette. Go to the store with your friends and assign everyone to try on the craziest outfit you can assemble. 
  438. Go to a “make your own perfume” store. Add in a bit of vanilla, some cinnamon, and make it as heavenly as your heart desires. You can also use this opportunity to make the worst-smelling perfume, and prank your sibling with it.  
  439. Begin your training for a marathon. Increase your running speed slowly, and push yourself to run longer distances each day, until the marathon. Condition yourself. 
  440. Plan a kids party for yourself, but with cocktails (21+). Pin the tail on the donkey, pillow fights, hide and seek, and drinks.
  441. Dave and Busters! This is a dine-in arcade. Parents can enjoy their food, while their kids run free and explore the many video games. Once the children are done playing, they can exchange their tickets for fun prizes. 
  442. Take a picture every day starting on your birthday, for the entire year. By the following year, your glow up will be unmatched, and you’ll be able to post a side by side photo to social media. 
  443. Take your dog for a long walk in your local park. Dogs aren’t our whole life, but they make our lives whole. Spend some time with your pal, and take them on an adventure. It’ll be a fun getaway for the both of you to spend some quality dog/pet parent time together. 
  444. Buy a fish and a fish tank. For those who aren’t dog/cat people, but would like an extra companion, a fish is a perfect birthday present. They’re quiet and don’t require much attention, but they’re there as an extra presence.  
  445. Deep dive into an old memory box. If you’re turning 30, see how life was different when you were 20. If you’re turning 20, remember what life was like before social media. Maybe you’ll find an old Tamagotchi, or a polly pocket. 
  446. Write yourself a letter and seal it. Give it to a sibling to give back to you in 5 years. See how much has changed.
  447. Egg on a spoon race. All you need for this one is a family member to be the referee, a friend to race, two spoons, and two eggs. Balance the eggs on the spoons and try to run across the finish line, without dropping the egg. 
  448. Water balloon toss. Take a water balloon and toss it between you and your friend. There should be between 2-4 other contestants playing simultaneously. The better you do, the more you step back. Keep taking one long step back, after each toss, until the water balloon breaks. The team with the water balloon still in one piece wins. 
  449. Three-legged race. Tie your ankle to the opposite ankle of your team mate, and try to race the other teams in a three-legged relay race. 
  450. Attend a renaissance fair. Dress up as a medieval jester, or a royal highness. Eat turkey drums, enjoy comedy shows, and experience what your history books were talking about. 
  451. Go to a circus! Watch the clowns get out of that tiny car, acrobatics perform aerial stunts, and enjoy the show with some hot popcorn. 
  452. Snowshoe up a mountain. This requires effort and determination, but with the right trainer and snowshoes, you’ll have traction against the ice, and you’ll be a pro in no time.  
  453. Bike down a mountain. Make sure you know where your brakes are, wear a helmet, and always be aware of your surroundings, but have a blast with it!
  454. Visit an interactive farm. For children’s birthday parties, this would be such an enjoyable time for them. They’d get to pet sheep, goats, and in Vermont, there’s Shelburne Farms: an education farm that provides interactive workshops for children. 
  455. Prank your birthday twin. For this one, I highly recommend watching how The Dolan Twins used to prank one another. You might be able to get inspired that way.  
  456. Try a Hibachi restaurant. If you go with a large group of people, the experience is that much better. The chef will come up to your table and cook your food right in front of you. The best chefs ‘throw’ the food right into your mouth.
  457. Go to a Cat Cafe! Not only do you get to enjoy delicious food and sip on some coffee, but you get to do it with cats constantly coming up to you. It’s such an interactive and delightful experience. 
  458. Check out a Pop-Up Restaurant. If you’re fortunate enough to come across a pop-up restaurant on your birthday, try it out. After all, it’s only there for a limited time.  
  459. Stargaze! Lay down in the back of your truck, or on the grass, and try to identify the different constellations.  
  460. Clean your house. Especially if the party is taking place at your own house, you may want to clean up beforehand. Plus, some clean their houses to distract themselves and reduce anxiety. 
  461. Do a color run. Exercise is fun, but having an incentive to exercise is even better. During each checkpoint, a bunch of color powder is thrown onto you, and after the run ends, there’s a rave to end the night. 
  462. Eat a giant Pizza or Cookie. Search up recipes online and challenge yourself to make the world’s largest pizza slice, or the world’s largest cookie.  
  463. Make your own pizza. Pizza parties are great and all, but homemade pizzas taste even better. Go to the store with a friend, and buy all of the ingredients needed to make your own pizza pie.  
  464. Straighten or Curl your hair, if you haven’t before. If you’re used to having your hair curly, then switch it up for your birthday photos. Straighten your hair and see how it looks, and vice versa. 
  465. Go to a backwards Zoo. Drive through a safari, where the animals come right up to your window. For some animals, like the Tiger, I would recommend locking your doors and keeping your windows shut. 
  466. Go to a waterfall. The Niagara Falls is beautiful, and if you can’t access the Canadian falls, the American falls are also really breathtaking. You may need to text one another though, because the force of the falls overpowers your ability to hear each other speak. 
  467. Go on a colonial tour of an old, historic town. Learn how to make candles, tie knots, and discover the history of muskets. 
  468. FaceTime with friends. If you’re feeling like you want to talk to friends, but you don’t feel like interacting in person, hop on a FaceTime call with one, two, or eight of your friends.  
  469. Food switcheroo. Go to a restaurant with some of your friends, and go clockwise around the table. You’re in charge of ordering for Sally, Sally has to order for Timmy, etc. If you don’t like your order, then you can swap with someone who’s interested in the food. This way, it’s a fun game, but you’re not wasting food. 
  470. Donate old clothes. Giving back to someone in need is always such a warm feeling. If you have a t-shirt that no longer fits you, or a pair of pants with a tiny ketchup stain on it, rather than throwing them away, donate your old clothes to a child/family in need.  
  471. Belly dancing / Pole dancing class. You may have been to certain shows, where you’re like, “How does she dance like that?” Many people now offer classes for pole dancing and belly dancing. So, if you have a preference, look up your nearest location and call the company.
  472. Experience a slingshot ride. Get ready to be catapulted into the sky on the slingshot ride. It’s nerve-wracking at first, but once it’s over, you can brag to your friends about how awesome it was. You’ll be a living legend.  
  473. Day party (Darty). If your friend group likes to drink, but isn’t fond about being up until 4 a.m., then this is a perfect solution. Start your party around 2 p.m., and party it up until 6/7 p.m.
  474. Act like your favorite character in public (Buddy the Elf/ Jack Sparrow). You can even challenge your friends to do it with you. It’s less embarrassing to do if more people join in.
  475. Watch a documentary. Learn about something that you’ve always been interested in, such as: the history of dinosaurs, the evolution of humans, or the beginning of film. 
  476. AirBnb a house in the mountains with your friends. You can have the best party in the mountains, because you won’t have to worry about making too much noise for the neighborhood. 
  477. Sit in a glass igloo and watch a thunderstorm. Order a glass igloo with a see through roof, and invite your significant other or best friend inside, to watch a thunderstorm or a snow storm. 
  478. Go on a sky walk. If you’re afraid of heights, then this one probably isn’t for you. Go to the tallest building in your area, and walk across the platform. Below, you’ll find nothing but a clear pane of glass separating you from the ground below. 
  479. Build a treehouse. Ask your family to help you build your very own treehouse, since this one requires a lot of team effort. Once it’s built, enjoy your new ‘home away from home’.
  480. Test your archery skills out at the archery range. Bring your bow and arrow, and start aiming at the various targets. Call yourself ‘Katniss Everdeen’, if you will. 
  481. Fly in first class. This requires saving up money, but if all of your family and friends pitch in, you could travel on vacation and experience the luxury of sitting in first class. 
  482. Sleep in a hammock. Tie a hammock up high to two large trees, and challenge yourself to sleep in all night. For an added effect, listen to ‘true crime’ podcasts while you’re sleeping outside. 
  483. Swim in an infinity pool. Not everyone has an infinity pool, so this may be a bit tougher to execute. However, they do have public infinity pools in Italy, Indonesia, Singapore, California, etc. You just might have to do some research, to determine which location is closest to you. 
  484. Travel in a hamster ball for the day. You’ve seen it on television shows and in movies, but have you ever actually experienced what walking in a hamster ball is like? It’s buckets of fun, and you won’t regret it. 
  485. Go to La Tomatina in Spain. I don’t know about you, but throwing tomatoes at people for fun sounds like a really amazing way to spend a birthday. 
  486. Go to a lighthouse. You may have seen lighthouses from afar, but viewing the ocean and its surroundings from 200+ feet off the ground is a whole different experience. 
  487. Visit the hot springs. While you shouldn’t enter the hot springs, due to its boiling point water temperature, you can capture some really aesthetic, Instagram-worthy photos, near the site. 
  488. Visit Hobbiton in New Zealand. If you’re a fan of “Lord of The Rings”, this one is perfect for you. You get to explore the actual set that was featured in the trilogy.
  489. Climb Sydney Harbor Bridge. Located in Australia, it’s a perfect destination to unwind and take in the breathtaking views. You get to overlook the water, the boats and the overall city of Sydney. You even have the option to climb to the top of the bridge. 
  490. Backpack through Europe. Explore new cultures, foods, and landmarks, as you venture out into the vast continent of Europe. There’s so much to see, and so many languages to learn. 
  491. Ride the Glacier Express in Switzerland. You not only get a wonderful viewing experience of the Swiss Alps, but the train also doubles as a traveling restaurant. 
  492. Play old Computer Games. Apple MacBooks are great, but don’t you ever miss when you could go on an HP computer and play WildTangent games, like Polar Bowler? The polar bear was an icon. 
  493. Spend a night on a deserted island. Send your location to someone you trust, before embarking on this adventure, but think of how fun it would be. You’d get to have an entire beach to yourself!
  494. Walk the Great Wall of China. Built in 221 B.C., the Great Wall of China is one of the 7 Wonders of the World. You might want to bring a FitBit though, because the entirety of the wall is 5,000 miles long. 
  495. Pull out your old DS or GameBoy. The older you get, the more you want to travel back to childhood. Head back in time to when you were a pre-teen, and dig up your old Nintendo DS or GameBoy. 
  496. Cross the Salar De Uyuni salt flats in Bolivia. It’s a notorious lake that dried up about 30,000 years ago. Since then, the lake has developed photogenic patches of salt, and is currently the largest salt flats in the world. 
  497. Go to Comic Con or participate in Cos-Play. The Comic Con event happens every year in San Diego, and New York also has a Comic Con of its own. Over the years, people from all over the world have traveled in costume, to see their favorite celebrities perform on panels, explore the numerous interactive booths, and make new friends that share similar interests. 
  498. Carve a pumpkin. Buy a pumpkin carving kit online, find a pumpkin at your local farm, and go crazy. Get as creative as possible, and you can even turn it into a competition between your family members. 
  499. Day trip to Hershey Park. Take a tour through Hershey’s Chocolate World, go on a multitude of rollercoasters, and take pictures with the different Hershey’s characters. 
  500. Enter an online poetry, video game, or art competition. 
  501. And last but not least, for all you geeks out there, watch ASCII Star Wars. It’s much better than you think and a nice way to get away from all the modern day animation and super-graphics.


Okay, so maybe 501 things to do on your birthday is a lot. You might even just spend your whole birthday going through this list. So, why not have a ‘birthweek’ or even a ‘birthmonth’ (birth year, anyone? Bueller?) instead of only a birthday? That way you can extend this list out as for as long as it takes to complete.

Or, it’s your birthday, so maybe you just want to relax and do NOTHING. That’s okay! It’s your special day. You have the option to do whatever you want. You’ll only get on average 78.54 years anyway, so you need to use those 78 or 79 birthdays wisely.

Do you have have a favorite fun thing to do on your birthday?

Leave it in the comments below.

And if you liked this list please share it with your friends and family.

Oh, and have a happy birthday!

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