101 Baby Girl Names and Their Meanings


Baby girls are many things: sweet, brave, warm, strong, and so much more! That is why it’s so important to find the perfect name for your baby girl to embody everything you see in that little baby you already know so well.

Here are 101 unique baby names and their meanings to help you find the best name for your little baby girl.

  1. Aria 

This name means solo melody and is also considered to have Greek roots as a diminutive form of Ariana. 

  1. Aubrey 

Aubrey is an English name meaning noble ruler or elf ruler. Abrey is also a diminutive of the name Audrey. 

  1. Anna 

Anna is the Latin version of the Hebrew name Hannah. This name means favor, grace, and beautiful, making it a perfect fit for any baby girl. 

  1. Addison

Addison was originally a boys name, with the literal meaning of Adam’s son, but is considered a “tv-generated” name after soaring in popularity with the introduction of Grey’s Anatomy’s Dr. Addison Shepherd.

  1. Autumn

Derived from the English word autumn, meaning the fourth and final season of the year. Often connotes a sense of change and warmth. 

  1. Andrea

From the Greek word “andreia,” Andrea is the feminine form of Andrew or Andreas. This name means strong and brave. 

  1. Angela

This name is Latin in origin, derived from the Greek “ángelos” meaning Angel, or messenger of God. 

  1. Ally

The name Ally means noble, bright, and exalted. Though it is a common nickname for variants of the name Alison, it is also a standalone name. 

  1. Ainsley 

An English name meaning person from Annesly or Ansley, England.

  1. Bailey

This name has its origins in Old English, meaning literally berry clearing, bailiff, or city fortification.

  1. Brennan

An Irish name derived from the name Ó Braonáin, meaning literally descendant of Braonán or sorrow.

  1. Bella

This name is of Latin origin and means beautiful in its form as a standalone name, but is also a short form of the Hebrew name Isabella, which means God’s promise. 

  1. Chloe

Chloe is a Greek name meaning young green shoot. The name was coined in reference to Greek mythology’s Demeter, the goddess of agriculture and fertility, who was referred to as Chloe in the Spring.

  1. Caroline

The name Caroline is a baby name of English origin meaning joy, or song of happiness. 

  1. Charlie

Originating as a nickname for charlene or charlotte, with an old German origin meaning free man/woman. 

  1. Cassandra

This name means shining upon man. 

  1. Casey

With an irish and gaelic origin, Casey means brave, alert, and watchful.

  1. Diana

Name of the Roman goddess Diana, as mentioned in the bible, who was the goddess of the forest, hunting, and childbirth. The persian interpretation of Diana means messenger of beneficence and wellness.

  1. Delilah

Delilah has a Hebrew Biblical origin, but is well loved for its melodic, feminine qualities and direct meaning of delicate. 

  1. Daniella

Daniella is a feminine derivation of the Hebrew name Daniel, which means God is my judge.

  1. Delaney

Delaney is Old French in origin meaning: of the alder grove, or in Irish offspring of the challenger, or angel from heaven. 

  1. Destiny

Destiny has a straightforward meaning of fate or luck.

  1. Emerson

Originally a male name, Emerson meant Emery’s son, but having gained popularity in being assigned to females, the name now means brave and powerful.

  1. Eden

Eden has a Biblical origin, finding its meaning in the name of God’s perfect garden, meaning place of pleasure. 

  1. Evelyn

Derived from the French name Aveline, which is directly translated to hazelnut. This name means desired and wanted, as well as water. 

  1. Evangeline 

Evangeline means good news, or bearer of good news. Likely derived from the words evangelize or evangelical. 

  1. Ellie

Ellie means bright shining one. This name was introduced in the 12th century by King Henry the II’s wife, Eleanor of Aquitaine.

  1. Finley

Meaning fair warrior, Finley is a scottish name given to strong, brave girls. This name can also mean fair-haired hero. 

  1. Felicity

The English name Felicity means happiness. This name can also be derived from the latin word felicitas, meaning luck or good fortune. 

  1. Felicia

Felicia is the feminine form of the name Felix, meaning happy, lucky, or fortunate in it’s medieval origins.  

  1. Fallon

Of Irish descent, Fallon means descended from a ruler, and superiority, as well as denoting a leadership personality. 

  1. Flora

Direct Latin for Flower. Flora is the roman goddess of flowers and spring who was eternally young. 

  1. Gemma

The meaning of Gemma is gem or jewel, Gemma is a name that denotes a delicate personality. 

  1. Gabriella

This name is an Italian form of the Hebrew name Gabriel, the name of a Biblical Angel, meaning woman of God in its American meaning. 

  1. Grace

Derived from the Latin word Gratia, meaning literally: grace, is a virtuous name meaning divine grace, or the love and kindness of God. 

  1. Gianna

Italian name meaning the Lord is good. In English can be translated to Joan or Joanna, which is the female form of John. 

  1. Haley

Haley is an English name that means meadow of hay, or hay field. This name can also be used as a male name, though it is less common. 

  1. Hannah

The meaning of Hannah is favor or grace. Hannah is Hebrew in origin, and also has a biblical meaning of “God has favored me.” 

  1. Holly

Holly means someone who is dwelling by the clearing by the hollow, and can also be used as a descriptive name to mean hollow (or dark) eyes. 

  1. Isabel

Isabel is a Spanish originated name meaning pledged to God or God is my oath. 

  1. Isla

Isla is a name with both Spanish and Scottish origins, meaning island or river.

  1. Jacey

Jacey is an American name, created as a phonetic spelling of the initials JC or a short form of Jacinda. Jacey means happy.

  1. Jennifer

This name is a Cornish name meaning white shadow or white wave, and is a cultural alternative to guinevere. 

  1. Jordan

Hebrew origin, referring to the Jordan river, means downward flowing. Jordan is also a common male name. 

  1. Jane

Another name with Hebrew roots, Jane means God is gracious or God is merciful. Jane elicits a sense of victorian innocence, perfect for a gentle girl. 

  1. Jackie

A diminutive of Jacquline, Jackie means supplanter. This name denotes a sense of gentleness and a bright spirit. 

  1. Kaley

Kaley is a name with Greek roots that means beautiful, lovely, and slender. Kaley also translates directly to warrior woman in German. 

  1. Katherine

Katherine is considered one of the oldest names, with the meaning pure. Katherine was a popular name with British royalty. 

  1. Kelly

Kelly has Irish and Gaelic origins, meaning strife or war.

  1. Kennedy

Kennedy is an Irish name meaning helmeted head, or helmeted chief. A name portraying a strong character, and leader. 

  1. Kara

A name of Latin and Norse origin, in Norse mythology Kara was a Valkyrie. The meaning of Kara is pure, chaste, and friend. 

  1. Kai

Kai is a name of Swahili descent, meaning lovable. In Swedish meaning rejoice, in Thai, Kai means chicken, and is used as a term of endearment. 

  1. Lainey

Lainey means from the lane, and is a diminutive form of Elaine or Madeline. 

  1. Linley

An Old English name meaning flax meadow. 

  1. Lexie

A female name of Greek origin meaning man’s defender. Lexie is a strong name to be given to a girl of noble spirit.

  1. Lorelai

A name of German origin meaning Alluring. This name is thought to have been made popular in America due to the character of the same name in the long running drama Gilmore Girls.

  1. Laylah

An Arabic name meaning night beauty, as well as a Jewish name meaning night and given to an angel. 

  1. Morgan

The name Morgan means great brightness, bright or white sea dweller, in its Welsh and Old English origins.

  1. Madeline 

Meaning woman from magdala, a town on the Sea of Galilee, Madeline is of Hebrew origins.

  1. Millie

A diminutive form of Amelia, Camilla, Melissa, Millicent, and Mildred, Millie means industrious.

  1. Mia

Usually derived from the name Maria, Mia means my, mine, or bitter, and has Italian and Skandanavian roots. 

  1. Macie

Macie is an Old English name meaning, weapon, gift of the Lord, and place of Maccius. 

  1. Makayla 

A name with Hebrew origins meaning who is like God. Makayla can also be shortened to be the diminutive Kayla. 

  1. Natalia

Natalia is a name often given to babies born on Christmas day, with the meaning Christmas day, or birthday of the Lord. This name can also mean gift of God.

  1. Noelle

With French origins, this name also means Christmas day. 

  1. Nikki

Nikki means victory of the people in it’s British background, and can be used as a diminutive to the name Nicole. 

  1. Nina

A Spanish and Hebrew name meaning little girl, or great granddaughter. 

  1. Nicole

Nicole is a British name meaning victory of the people, as well as simply meaning victory. 

  1. Olivia

Latin for olive tree. The feminine form of Oliver, Olivia may have originated in the Shakespearean play, Twelfth Night.

  1. Ophelia

Coined in the Shakespearean play, Hamlet, Ophelia is a Greek name meaning help.

  1. Parker

Old English meaning park keeper, an occupational name that can serve as both a name and surname

  1. Pamela 

Coined by the poet Sir Philip Sidney, Pamela is derived from the Greek word pan which means all.

  1. Paige

 Derived from the French word for page, or attendant.

  1. Payton

 Meaning warriors village, in Payton’s Irish and Latin origin. Payton is also a variant of Patrick, and can mean noble patrician. 

  1. Piper

Piper has Old English origins meaning pipe player, this occupational name is also less commonly used as a male name. 

  1. Quinn

A unique Irish and Gaelic name meaning counsel. 

  1. Rubi

Rubi is a name meaning the red gemstone, referring to the precious jewel Ruby. This name can also mean red, or red gem. 

  1. Rachel

Rachel is a female Hebrew name meaning ewe, or female sheep. Also meaning second wife of Jacob. 

  1. Raegan 

Raegan is an Irish unisex name meaning strength or spiritual strength. Raegan can also mean little ruler. 

  1. Reese

Reese is also a Unisex name with Welsh origins meaning enthusiasm, and is a variant of the name Rhys. 

  1. Sawyer

Sawyer is an English name meaning woodcutter, referring to the building tool saw. This name can also mean determination and tenderness. 

  1. Scarlet

Scarlet was originally an occupational surname referring to a person who sold cloth made with scarlet, and has since been adopted as a female name meaning bright red. 

  1. Sarah

This name has Hebrew origins meaning lady, princess, and princess of the multitudes, as well as having a biblical connotation. 

  1. Sophia

A Greek and Spanish name meaning wisdom. The name was popular with european royalty in the middle ages.

  1. Selena

From the Greek Selene, meaning the moon or moon goddess. 

  1. Thalia

Thalia is a Spanish name meaning to flourish, bloom, and joyful, and in Greek meaning the beautiful girl in bloom.

  1. Tatum

The original English definition of the name Tatum is Tate’s homestead. But in its rise to popularity as a girls name, it has come to mean cheerful and full of spirit. 

  1. Tracy

With Irish descent, the name Tracy means warlike, and in its form as a nickname for Theresa, means late summer. 

  1. Tara

Tara can mean hill or star, as well as stone of destiny, in its Gaelic and Sanskrit history. 

  1. Ulyssa

Ulyssa is a latin name that can either mean hateful and angry, or walker, wanderer. Feminine of Ulysses, the traveler in Homer’s Odyssey.

  1. Uri

 This name implies sophistication, as a girl named Uri is someone who lives in and belongs to the city according to the name’s Latin roots.

  1. Victoria

Victoria is Latin for victory, and is the feminine form of Victor. It is also the name of the Roman goddess of victory.

  1. Violet

Violet is a Latin name meaning modesty, virtue affection, faithfulness and is named after a flower that is a Good Luck symbol for women 

  1. Valerie

Valerie has its origin in Latin, and means healthy and strong. 

  1. Valentina

The feminine form of the Roman Valentinus, Valentina similarly means healthy and strong. 

  1. Winnie

Winnie is a Welsh and Native American Indian name, with many different beautiful meanings: fair and smooth, white, fair, holy, blessed reconciliation, joy and peace, first-born daughter, fair, and pure.

  1. Wanda

Wanda is Slavic in origin, and means wanderer in old German, or a tribe of vandals in Slavic. 

  1. Xena

Xena is a name found in Greek mythology, Xena was an immortal horse belonging to Achilles, given the power of speech. The name Xena was made popular by Xena the warrior princess in pop-culture. 

  1. Yasmine

A female name of Arabic origin meaning a bush bearing sweet smelling, white flowers, or meaning jasmine flower.

  1. Zoe

A name of Greek origins, this Jewish name means life. It is the Greek Jewish translation of the name Eve.

  1. Zara

Zara is an Arabic name meaning princess, or to blossom. Zara is also said to mean radiance and light. 

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