101 Baby Boy Names and Meanings


What’s in a name? Naming your newborn baby boy can be daunting for parents. To make the process a bit easier for you, we’ve come up with the top 101 baby boy names with their meanings and origins. This will give you a better idea to choose the best one for your newborn. 

So, without further ado…

101 Baby Boy Name Ideas and Meanings

  1. Aaron– Aaron has a Hebrew origin that means the exalted, strong, enlightened, or high mountain. In the bible, Aaron is Moses’ older sibling who happens to be a high-priest. It’s a name that could be synonymous to being bold and confident and even tenacious against challenges. 
  2. Adam– Adam was derived from the Hebrew word Adamah which means “man.” It means “to be red” referring to the color of the human skin. It also means formed from the ground, or a title that means a little lower than an angel. 
  3. Adler– Adler is a German name that means Eagle. However, it is not as common to use the name as a given name in Germany. Rather, it’s a surname that is common in both Germany and in the UK. 
  4. Alan– Alan could mean different things. It could mean harmony, stone, or noble. It is also originally taken from a saint’s name. Saint Alain or Saint Alan was also known as “Alan the Rock,” 
  5. Alexander– A name of Greek origin, it came from two words from Alexein which means “to ward off, protect, defend” and Andros which means “man.” Together, Alexander means defender of man.  
  6. Benedict–  Benedict means “blessed.” It has different variations including Benedetto, Baruch, and Benediktas. 
  7. Benjamin– A name that came from Binyamin that means “son of my right hand.” It means favorite son, a righteous young child. 
  8. Blake– It’s an English name that means “fair-haired” or “black.” It was used as a nickname for someone who has black hair. However, it is also often used as a nickname for someone pale because it is believed to have been derived from “blaac” which means white. 
  9. Boris– Derived from the Turkic name Bogoris, it means wolf or snow leopard. It could also mean fight in Slavic. Among famous individuals who has this name include Chess Grandmaster Boris Spassky and former Russian president Boris Yeltsin. 
  10. Caleb– Caleb in Hebrew means faithful, wholehearted, and brave. It came from two ancient Hebrew words: Col which means all or whole and Lev which means heart.  
  11. Cameron– Cameron is a gender-neutral name that can be used for both boys and girls. Cameron is said to be derived from Gaelic words cam sron and cam abhainn. It could mean “crooked nose” or “crooked river.”
  12. Cody– Cody means helpful. It could also mean “pillow.” This name came from the Irish surname “O Cuidighthigh” which translates to helpful. 
  13. Colin– It came from “Colle” which is the shortened version of Nicolas in French. It could mean “victory of the people.” 
  14. Connor-Connor is an Irish name that came from the Irish word “Conchobhar.” It means the lover of hounds. It is believed to have been derived from King Conchobar Mac Nessa who happened to be a royalty who was mentioned in Irish mythology. 
  15. Craig– Craig originated from Crag which is a Scottish term to describe a steep cliff. It is also believed to be a Scottish/Gaelic version of the name Peter which also means rock. It’s a common last name among Irish and Scottish people but is also used as a given name among boys. 
  16. Damian/Demian– Damian or Demian is said to be a name of Greek origin which means to tame. It also has a French version which is spelled Damien. Damian is a common name in both Ireland and England’s affluent households. It’s also a popular name after Saint Damian martyred in Syria together with his twin Cosmas. 
  17. Dalton– Dalton came from the word “dael” which roughly translates as valley and “tun” which means settlement. It means a settlement in the valley. It’s a name that has been given to children born in valley towns. It has reached its popularity back in the early 1900s. 
  18. Daniel– Daniel is a Hebrew name that means “God is my judge.” It was derived from the biblical prophet who wrote the Book of Daniel. The prophet is known to have survived two death sentences. In Gaelic, Daniel has a different translation which means “attractive” which came from the Gaelic name Domhnall. 
  19. Diego/Diogo– Diego is a Spanish name that means “may God protect.” This is a variant of the Hebrew name Jacob or James. 
  20. Dylan– Dylan means the son of the sea. It is a Welsh name that came from the words “dy” and “llanw” which means sea. Dylan is a mythologic character who is known as the sea god. He made the waters of Britain and Ireland to weep after his death. 
  21. Ethan– Ethan means strong, firm, and enduring. It has different variations ranging from Eytan to Eitan. It’s a biblical name that has been mentioned in different parts of the bible and is known as a wise character. 
  22. Ezra– Ezra is a Hebrew name that is used not only for boys but also for girls. It means Help or helper in Hebrew. The Ezra from the bible helped 1,500 Israelites from slavery. 
  23. Fabiano– Fabiano is an Italian name that means bean farmer. 
  24. Felix– Felix could mean two things in Latin. Felix could mean either “happy” or “lucky.” Felix became a popular nickname during the 1st century BC under the Roman general Sulla. 
  25. Francisco/Francis- Francis came from the Latin name “Franciscus” which means “Frenchman.” It became a popular name mainly because of St. Francis of Assisi. 
  26. Gabriel– Gabriel in Hebrew means that “God is my strength.” It was associated with Angel Gabriel. Among variations of Gabriel includes Gabo, Gabe, and Gabbie. 
  27. Garret– Garret is a name of Irish origin that means “spear strength.” It could also mean simply as “bold spear” or “rules by the spear.” Among prominent individuals with such a name is Irish statesman Garret FitzGerald. 
  28. Graham– Graham is said to have originated from Old English. Graham refers to a “gravel homestead or a “grey home.” It came from Old English elements “grand” which means “gravel.” Ham on the other hand means “hamlet” or a small-sized village. 
  29. Grant– There are different possible origins for the name Grant. It could’ve been from the Anglo-Normal word graunt which means “tall” or “large.” It could also come from old French word Grand and the Latin term Grandis which all describe a person who is tall or large.  
  30. Harry– Harry comes from the Old German word that means “home-ruler” or “army commander.” In Norse, it means “war chief.” 
  31. Harvey– Harvey came from the name Huirnviu. It has been derived from hoiarn or huiarn which means “iron” and viu which means “blazing.” It means either “blazing iron” or “battle worthy.”
  32. Hernan– Hernan is a Spanish name that means “bold journey.” It came from the name Ferdinand. 
  33. Hunter– Hunter simply means “the one who hunts.”
  34. Ian– Ian is a Scottish equivalent of John. It became popular around the 20th century. It means God is gracious. 
  35. Ibrahim– Ibrahim is the Arabic version of Abraham. It means the “founding father of many.” 
  36. Ismael– Ismael is a variant of the Hebrew name Ishmael which means “God will hear.”
  37. Israel– A biblical name given to Jacob after wrestling with an angel. Israel means God perseveres. 
  38. Ivan– Ivan is a Slavic name and is believed to be a variant of the Greek name loannes and the Hebrew name Yohannan. It means “God is gracious.”
  39. Jacob– Jacob is a biblical character where he came out holding his twin brother Esau’s heel. It came from Hebrew which means “to follow, to be behind.” However, it is also believed that it also means “to supplant.”
  40. James– James is derived from the Hebrew name Jacob. Jacob in the bible held his brother Esau’s heel. It means “to follow, to be behind.” It also means “supplanter.”
  41. Joshua– Joshua came from the Hebrew word Yehoshua. It means “YHWH or God is salvation.”
  42. Julian– The Latin origin for Julian is Julianus. It means “young at heart.” It could also mean “Jove’s child” and has been used both as a name for boys and girls during the Middle Ages. The name has also been used by multiple Roman emperors. 
  43. Kelly– Kelly is a gender-neutral name. It has an Irish origin of Gaelic O Ceallaigh or descendant of Ceallach. It means “bright headed.” 
  44. Kirk– Kirk is a Scottish word that originally means “church.” The Kirk is another informal name for the Church of Scotland. Over the years, different surnames have been derived from this including Kirby, Turk, Bick, Zink. 
  45. Kyle– Kyle is a unisex name that has Scottish Gaelic origin. It is a region in Ayrshire that means “narrow strait.” It is more common today to use Kyla as the feminine version of the name. 
  46. Leonardo– Leonardo is the Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese version of the name Leonard. This name means “strong as a lion.” 
  47. Levi– Levi is a Hebrew name that means “joined in Harmony.” In the bible, Levi is the third son of Jacob. Levi is also apostle Matthew’s name before joining Jesus Christ. Among the most prominent people with such a name includes the founder of Levi’s, Levi Strauss.  
  48. Lucas– Lucas is a popular variant of Luke. Lucas means “man from Luciana.” Luciana is a part of Italy known in Ancient times for being bright. Thus, Lucas has become synonymous with “light.” 
  49. Luis–  Luis is a name of French and German origin that means “renowned warrior.” Among variants of this name include Louis, Lewis, Lusinho, and Luiz. 
  50. Marco– Marco is an Italian name of Latin and Etruscan origins. It was derived from the name of the Roman God Mars who is known as the God of War. Marcus means “warlike.”  
  51. Maxwell-Maxwell is a popular classic Scottish name that means “great steam.” It is a variant of the old Maximillian name and the laid-back variant Max. 
  52. Malachi– Malachi is a biblical character. He is one of the prophets responsible for writing the Book of Malachi. It was said that he predicted the coming of Christ. Malachi means “messenger of God.” 
  53. Miguel/Michael – Miguel was derived from the Archangel. It means “Who is Like God” or Godlike. 
  54. Nathaniel –Nathaniel is a version of Nathanel, Nathanael, or Nathan. It is derived from the Hebrew word Netanel which means “God has given” or “gift of God.” 
  55. Nicolas– Nicolas comes from the Greek word Nikolaos. It is a combination of Nike which means “victory” and laos means “people.” Together, Nicolas means “victory of the people.” It has several variations including Nikolas, Nick, and Nickolas. 
  56. Noah– Noah means “Rest” or “Peace.” This Hebrew name could also mean comfort and wanderer. In the bible, Noah is known for gathering pairs of animals and placed them inside an ark before the great flood wiped out the earth. 
  57. Noel– Noel comes from the Latin word “nasci” which means “to be born.” In old French, the word is translated as nael and later as nowel in Middle English. It later became a reference to the Christmas season. Different variants of Noel include Nowell and Noelle. 
  58. Omar– Omar is an Arabic name that means “flourishing.” In Hebrew, it could also mean “eloquent” or a “gifted speaker.” In the Bible, Omar is an ancestor of a Canaanite and Edomite clan. 
  59. Orlando– Orlando is a name of Italian origin that means either “from glorious land” or “famous throughout the land.” It could also mean heroic. 
  60. Oscar– Oscar was derived from the words “os” and “cara.” Os means deer and car mean friend or loving. It’s a Spanish name that means “Deer-loving one” or “friend of a deer.” It is also believed to have come from the word Osgar or Asgeirr in Old Norse. It means “god” and ”spear” or “Spear of God.”
  61. Owen– Owen is a traditional Welsh name. It means “noble” or “young warrior.” This name is believed to have surged in since the 2000s after popular actors bearing the name including Owen Wilson and Clive Owen. 
  62. Parker– Parker is a name for both males and females. It has an Old English origin that means “park keeper.” Among variants of the name include Parke, Parks, and Parkes. It is a more common name during the 19th century.  
  63. Patrick– Patrick comes from the Latin name Patricius which means “nobleman.” It is possibly derived from the Old English word Paega which means “ruler” or “king” based on the Old English. Variants to this name include Padraic, Pat, and Patricia (for females). 
  64. Peter– Peter is derived from the Greek name Petros. Its Old English variation is Piers. It means “stone” or “rock.” In the bible, because of Peter’s faith in Christ, he was given the title of the unshakable rock of the church. 
  65. Philip– Philipp came from the Greek name Philippos. Philos means “loved” and Hippos means “horse.” It means fond of horses. However, in the bible, Philip can also mean “warlike.” 
  66. Quade– Quade is originated from Irish Gaelic. Quade is the altered version of McQuaid in Irish. It came from the term Mac Uaid which means “son of Uaid.” However, Quade has a different meaning in German. It means “evil” or malicious.”
  67. Quentin–  Quentin is a French name that has a Latin origin. It came from the Latin name Quintinus. It simply means “the fifth.” However, you don’t need to wait for your fifth born to use the name Quentin. Quentin is the 35th most popular name in France in 2009. 
  68. Quinton– The origin of the name Quinton is from the Old English term “cwene” which means queen and tun which pertains to “farmstead estate.” It could mean the “queen’s manor.” However, if you will look closely at its Latin origin, it could mean “fifth.”
  69. Rafael– Rafael is a Spanish name that means “God has healed.” It is based on the Hebrew name Rafa-el. Rafa pertains to “healed” and el pertains to “God.” Rafael is also one of the seven archangels who is known for his ability to heal. 
  70. Remington –  Remington was derived in the Old English term “hremm” which means raven and tun which means “settlement.” Raven in Greek mythology brings good fortune. If you will look at the English origin of the name, it could mean “place on a riverbank.” Variations of the name include Remy, Rem, and Remo. 
  71. Robert– Robert came from the Proto-Germanic term Hrobi which means “fame” and bertha which roughly translates to “bright.” The name means “fame-bright” or “glory-bright.” It has many variations from Rob being its short form to Roberto as its Spanish version. 
  72. Ronan– Ronan is an Irish name that means “little seal.” It comes from Ron which means “seal.” It means “little seal.” 
  73. Sawyer– Sawyer is a blue-collar name for a boy. It means “woodcutter.” Its origin can be traced in Middle English from the term saghier. Sagh means “to saw.” 
  74. Sean– Sean is the Irish version of John and the name Johan. This is a popular name in Ireland. It means “God is gracious” or “gift from God.” Shawn is also a variant of the name. 
  75. Simon–  Simon came from the Hebrew name Shimon. It means “he has heard.” Simon was a derivative of Simeon. In the bible, Simon was the man who helped Jesus carry the cross. However, the most prominent figure in the bible with the name Simon is Simon who is also known as Peter. 
  76. Silas– In the bible, the meaning of Silas is “third.” However, it could also mean forest or woods. In the bible, Silas was a companion to both Paul and Timothy. Also, Silas was used in the classic George Eliot book Silas Marner. 
  77. Spencer– Spencer is a name of British origin that means “steward.” It could mean “Dispenser of provisions.” 
  78. Theodore– Theodore originated from the Greek name Theodoros. Theos means “God” and Doron means “gift.” The name means God-given. Among variants of the name include Ted and Teddy. For girls, Theodora and Dorothy are its variants. 
  79. Timothy-Timothy comes from the Greek name Timotheos. It means “Honoring God” or “Honored by God.” 
  80. Titus– Titus is considered an exotic name for boys. It’s one of those names that were popular in old Roman times than in the present. Titus was a military commander who became an Emperor. In the bible, Titus is a character who St Paul trusted. Titus came from Latin which means “title of honor.” 
  81. Travis– Travis is a name of French origin that means “to cross over.” It was derived from Traverser which means “to cross.” This title was given to toll collectors who stood by a bridge. 
  82. Uriah-Uriah is a Hebrew name that means “God is my light” or “My light is Yahweh.” It could also mean “flame of God.” However, it is a tricky name to choose since, in the bible, Uriah was the first husband of Bathsheba who King David desired. Uriah was then placed in the battle to be killed. 
  83. Ulysses– Ulysses is the Latin version of Odysseus. It means Wrathful. It also means “wounded in the thigh.”
  84. Umar– Umar is a variant form of Omar. It means “flourishing” or “long-lived.”
  85. Valentin– Valentin came from the Latin name Valentinus which means “strong/healthy.” Other variants of the name include Valentino and Valentin. 
  86. Vincent– Vincent came from the Roman name Vincentius. It’s a name that came from the Latin word vincere which means “to conquer.”Vincent can also mean “winning.”  Among common nicknames to Vincent include Vinny, Vince, Vin, and Vinnie. 
  87. Victor– Victor means “victory” or “conqueror.” Victor is believed to be one of the earliest Christian names usually in the form of Vittorio. It has been used by different saints and popes since it symbolizes how Christ emerged victorious over death. 
  88. Vance–  Vance is a short but unique name. There are several meanings to this name. It can also mean “son of Van.” In its old English origin, it means “Dweller of bog” or “one who lives near the Marshland.”  
  89. Vito– Vito is derived from Vita that means life. A variant of this name includes Vitus which means “life-giver.” A popular Saint with this name is Saint Vitus who is the patron saint of dogs. 
  90. Warren– Warren is a name with an Old English origin. It means “park warden” or “watchman.” It could also mean “protector.”
  91. Wes– Wes is a shortened version of Wesley. It means “western meadow.”
  92. William– William came from two words wil which means “desire or will” and helm that translates to “protection or helmet.” William means “vehement protector.” It became a popular English name after 1066 after the Norman conquest of England. 
  93. Wyatt– Wyatt came from medieval names including Wiot, Wyot, and Gyot. These names were taken from the Old English name Wigheard. Wig means “war” and heard means “strong.” Wyatt means “brave in war.” It also means “Son of Guy.” Among common nicknames for Wyatt include Wye and W. 
  94. Xavier–  Xavier is believed to come from Basque origin that means “new house.” It could also mean “bright.” It was originally used by Saint Francis Xavier who was the Jesuit co-founder. He got his name from his birthplace which is a Spanish-Basque village. 
  95. Xander– Xander is a shortened version of Alexander. This shortened version of Alexander starts with an “x” pronounced as “z.” Alexander came from Alexein that means “defend” and Andros that translates to “man” in Greek. Xander means “Defender of the people.” 
  96. Xandro– Xandro is another variant of Alexander. It is associated with the Greek name Xandro. Alexander came from the words Alexcein and Andros which means “protect” and “man” respectively. Together, it means “man’s defender,” “people’s protector” or “defender of man.”
  97. Yael– Yael is a Hebrew name that is usually given to girls. However, it has also been used for boys. In the bible, Yael was a Kenite woman who killed an enemy general. Yael means “to ascend” or “God’s Strength.”   
  98. Yusuf–  Yusuf is an Arabic name that means “God increases.” It’s the same name adapted by Cat Stevens after converting to Islam. It has the same meaning as Yosef and Joseph. 
  99. Yves– Yves is a French name pronounced as “iv” or Eve. It means “yew wood.” Because of the pronunciation of the name, many are hesitant to name their boy Yves because it could lead to gender confusion in the classroom. Among related names include Evette, Ives, Erwan, and Ivet. 
  100. Zachary– Zachary came from Zachariah and Zacharias, a name of Persian and Hebrew origin. Among variations of the name include Zach, Zack, Zak, and Zakariya. Zachary means “God remembers.” It came from the word zakhar that means “remember” and yah which means “God.”
  101. Zeke– Zeke is a Hebrew name that means “God will strengthen.” It is a shortened version of the name Ezekiel. It comes from chazaq which means “to strengthen” and el meaning “God.”

A name can give your child a unique first impression on people who he will meet in the future. With these options, you can find the right name that you want for your child whether it’s a French-sounding name or a more common name.  

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