Which Color iPhone Should You Buy?


Is it time for an iPhone upgrade? Are you considering buying the new iPhone 12 and need help picking out the best iPhone color? It is a great device with a nice selection of colors. And, with its great hardware and specs, the iPhone 12 is one of the best phones available now (besides the iPhone 12 Pro, of course).

A high-powered phone with a sleek design and it also has many colors to choose from. In fact, there are five different color options with all the great features on the iPhone the only thing left to do is decide what color fits you. So which color iPhone is best for you?

Apple’s iPhone Color Palette

Apple has released an all-new color palette for its latest launch of the iPhone 12. If you’re looking for a classic look, consider the white or black options. Or, if you’re looking to turn heads, consider one of the more attention-grabbing colors like bright red or mint green. The mint green is actually one of the two brand new shades released, along with a deep rich blue.

However, if you are looking for subtle muted colors the iPhone 12 pro may be the way to go for you. It comes in graphite, silver, gold and pacific blue. However, we’re going to focus on the regular iPhone 12. And, it’s really a great choice. The iPhone 12 has most of the same specs but more fun and bright color options that will give you a nice bang for your buck (it retails starting at around $699).

If you upgrade your phone yearly trying out one of these new fun colors may be worth it, but if you’re getting a phone for the long-haul, consider the neutrals (black or white).

Every year it seems as though Apple is constantly raising the bar and this year is no different with their new color palette for each of the latest models and each device comes in a color-coordinated box to match so you know exactly what color your new phone is. I think it adds a nice personal touch and a fun experience.

Apple iPhone 12 Colors

The iPhone 12 has a brighter color palette for this lineup with these five exciting color options:

  • Black
  • White
  • Red
  • Green
  • Blue

Starting with the classics let’s take a look at two of the more familiar color options starting with the iPhone 12 in Black

iPhone 12 Black

should i buy iphone 12 black

The black iPhone 12 is one of the neutral colors offered by Apple. Not to be confused with the usual space grey that most consumers recognize. This pure deep black offers a sleek more professional look for those that may not be concerned with showing off their new phone.

Black is a great default color because it will go with anything. Users will not have to worry about their phone clashing with their outfits or getting tired of the color after owning it for a while. It is a classic choice that will not disappoint and if you do decide you need to spice up the color a bit it can easily be spruced up with a fun case without taking away from the beauty of the phone’s design.

And, last but not least, the beautiful aluminum siding and glossy finish is the thing that pushes this model over the edge for me. So if you’re looking to feel sophisticated, strong, elegant with a bit of mystery – I’d suggest black is the way to go.

iPhone 12 White

should i buy iphone 12 white

The White Iphone12 may be the choice for you if you are looking for something that screams elegance without it being too flashy. This option is one of the more neutral options as well if you’re looking for a phone to match your other Apple products.

Or, if you’re wanting to customize it with a fun case without the colors clashing white is a great base color with the delicate aluminum colored siding and nice glossy finish this color is great to match with anything. It is a safe but stylish choice. Also, if you’re looking to feel empowered, light and elegant the white iPhone 12 might just be the choice for you.

The white has yellow and champagne pink undertones which give this device a classy look. It doesn’t look pure white but it is just as beautiful. A beautiful earthy tone that would look amazing in any case has a nice touch of color with the pink and yellow undertones and nice aluminum siding that shines and can look semi gold depending on the lighting. 

iPhone 12 Red

should i buy iphone 12 red

The red hot iPhone 12 is perfect for those that want to make a bold statement. This fiery hue can make anyone feel powerful and the iPhone has the processing power to give you the extra boost of confidence.

Red is the choice for you if you want to also give back as it turns out every purchase of the red iPhone 12 goes directly to a fund to fight AIDS. Red will give your outfit a pop of color and a sense of individuality. It says “World get ready cause I am here!” 

Looking for a splash of color? This lively red may be for you. It isn’t a deep red it’s more of a burst of red hues mixed with other pigments it is a little more subtle compared to previous red phone models. The color is more of an orange/coral hue than pure red depending on how the light hits it.

I think that I enjoy this color more than the typical big bright pure red. The color peeks out from the smooth flat siding and the banding is an aluminum color which gives this phone a sleek finish. With a nice black case, you can show off the nice pop of red if you ever want to switch it up a bit. 

iPhone 12 Green

should i buy iphone 12 green

This light delicate minty green iPhone 12 may be for you if you have a fondness for mint chocolate chip ice cream on a warm summer day or love colors that add a bit of soft brilliance to your life. Ditching the Status Quo Apple decided to release this beautiful midnight green iPhone 12.

This color would be perfect for someone who wants a colorful phone that is not overwhelming but still draws the eye. Also a great entry-level color for someone who has only had neutral tones for their previous phones. If you’re looking to feel sophisticated and refreshed this Mint Green iPhone 12 may just be the one for you.

This is a surprising color release; it’s a much more calming tone that matches well with a wide variety of cases. It’s a nice subtle green which is different from the other two color choices being a little bit brighter. This device would look beautiful with a nice clear case to display the lovely color or silver or white.

iPhone 12 Blue

should i buy iphone 12 blue

While there have been blue iPhones before there has not been one quite like this. Past hues were lighter while this one is a little deeper. Apple released this new Pacific Blue color so if you’re looking to stand out this may be the color for you. This one is also a slimmer design with a stronger glass screen.

This colorful bold and bright blue will feel like an upgrade for users coming from older models or those that are making the move over from android. The body of the phone is flatter, with sharper edges and flat sides which make the device feel premium.

The color-coordinated aluminum siding with a Matte finish and glossy glassed backing elevates this device.  This cool deep blue with a nice glossy finish can add a level of intrigue and style to any of your looks. Although the color is stunning it is not overpowering so it could also work nicely with a case. Although in pictures it looks to be a deeper shade in person it is a brilliant bright blue. This device can be leveled up even more with Apple magnetic accessories. 

With all these great choices it could be hard to decide. Apple has really covered all the bases with this wide range of colors sure to have something to match every personality and no matter which color option you choose It’ll be sure to a home run. 

While each color is stunning they also have their drawbacks let’s take a look at the pros and cons for each color starting again with the classic black.

New iPhone 12 Colors Pros and Cons

iPhone 12 Black Pros:

  • The Black iPhone looks very professional and will never clash with anything you decide to wear and in my book, those are two major pluses. Picking out cases will also be a breeze since black is a great base color for any case. If you have a nice collection of iPhone cases that you’re dying to show off Black may be the color for you 

iPhone 12 Black Cons:

  • The Black iPhone 12 can be seen as a little basic or boring. The glass backing makes it easier for fingerprints to linger and leaving the color looking less than polished. Plus like I stated before almost everyone has owned a black iPhone so if you’re looking for a bit more fun or a bit more daring I would suggest trying one of the other colors.

iPhone 12 White Pros:

  • This shade is a newer white as previously stated. So if you’re looking for an off white or a white phone with a nice blend of light colors mixed in this may be the one for you.  The champagne pink and pops of yellow throughout the device make it seem elegant and you could take it to the next level with a stunning case. 

iPhone 12 White Cons:

  • If you’re looking for a pure white phone you may want to look somewhere else. While yes it is called “white” the yellow and pinkish undertones give the phone a more of a pearl white look. Choosing a White iPhone is also playing it safe so if you’re looking to bend the rules a bit more in 2021 I would suggest trying a fun new color. Also If you’re artsy and plan on having this phone caseless I’m afraid it would stain and appear a little dirty too easily because of the delicate coloring. 

iPhone 12 Red Pros:

  • As stated before every purchase of the red device is a donation to an AIDS charity so if you want to feel good about your latest upgrade. I can’t think of a better way to do it. The red is also just such a fun color that you can’t help but love the device. No, the device isn’t a bright fire-engine red. It’s a new shade that Apple has released for the iPhone 12 and maybe it was made just for you too. If you’re looking to tone down but still show off the red color keep reading for case inspiration.

iPhone 12 Red Cons:

  • The red on this phone is not like the other red Apple devices that have been released in the past. So if you’re looking for a pure bright red that may be a dealbreaker for you. Although it isn’t a bright red it is still a bold color and with bold colors that leaves an opportunity for color clashing and if that is something that is super important to you then you may want to pass on this one

iPhone 12 Green Pros:

  • Very subtle delicate color that could be appealing to some that don’t want to be flashy. The shade of green they chose is minty green and this color has been getting more popular recently so you could be a trendsetter

iPhone 12 Green Cons:

  • A big con for this color is that it could be considered too subtle if you were looking for a deep green color. Also finding cases may be hard to do unless you stick to a basic case because in my opinion there are only so many colors you can pair with light minty green. But let’s look for some “case inspiration” to see if I will be proved wrong.

iPhone 12 Blue Pros:

  • It’s a new unique shade of blue released by apple so this color will have you feeling special for sure. The color will help you stand out and add a lot of personality to your everyday looks.

iPhone 12 Blue Cons:

  • This color falls a little flat. It isn’t as bright as I expected it to be. It’s more of a deep blue tone. I was hoping Apple would play around with the color palette more this is a safe blue choice.

Best iPhone 12 Cases to Buy

iPhone 12 Black: Case Inspiration

best iphone 12 case for black iphone

A marble and gold case like this would really step up your look if you choose the black iPhone 12. The mixed shades of black and gold with a splash of sparkle really complement each other, and also the deep black of the iPhone 12. It gives you a nice pop of color without taking away from the design of the phone. It’s also flashy without being over-the-top and still looks professional. 

Next up is another one of the classic neutral tones…

iPhone 12 White: Case Inspiration

best case for iphone 12 white

Any case would look amazing on this phone since you’re using a neutral color on the base. I really like this elegant wildflowers case. That plays nicely with the color of the phone and gives a nice pop of color that isn’t overwhelming and you can still see the brilliant white color shine through the translucent case. It’s actually pretty nice in any color but looks best with white.

Now, time to get into the fun colors! First up is the iPhone 12 red….

iPhone 12 Red Case Inspiration

best case for red iphone 12

This fun case will help you show off the beautiful red color of your iPhone with its white etched stars and planets. This see-through case really helps the red to pop. It’s also lightweight and scratch-resistant, and won’t interrupt your wirelessly charging on bit. It’s also custom made to fit your iPhone 12 like a glove.

Next up, will the new iPhone 12 green have everyone you know green with envy?

iPhone 12 Green Case Inspiration

best case for green iphone 12

Another stunning flower case that I’m sure would grow on anyone. The design here would really compliment the green of the iPhone with the nice subtleness of the delicate white flowers. Also, the dark color of the flower stems could make the light green pop in new and unexpected ways. And the yellow in the center of the flowers gives this case the perfect finishing touch.

Last, but not least, we have the iPhone 12 blue. Blue crew where are you?

iPhone 12 Blue Case Inspiration

best case for blue iphone 12

This brush paint case can really give your blue iPhone 12 the “wow” factor. In fact, it’s hard to tell where the case ends and the phone begins. The case itself has brush paint strokes that allow you to see the blue underneath the camera and in the middle of the phone where the black brush stroke it (you can see the blue subtly popping through). Additionally, you can also see the blue edges through the case as it’s clear around the outside. Seeing those blue edges pop through really makes this case shine and really makes your blue iPhone the true star of the show. It’s probably one of the coolest iPhone 12 cases I’ve seen and matches beautifully with the blue iPhone 12.


You should now have a better idea of how to make the big decision of choosing a color for your new iPhone 12. What will it be? You have five stunning colors to choose from! No matter which one you pick, you’ll always have the option to add a case if you get sick of the color.

This was a great year for Apple Users. You get an all-new color palette designed with you in mind. No matter if you want to be professional, fun, or flirty, there’s a color for you. 

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