Things That’ll Make You Laugh When You’re in a Bad Mood


In a bad mood and need a laugh? Who doesn’t! Heck, last year was probably one of the worst years on record.

Now that this year is here, everyone is beginning to return to their offices and schools. And as everyone returns back to the grind, people have to shrug off their lax holiday attitudes after weeks of dealing with family and personal situations.

You may not be quite ready to smile and wave to all your Zoom colleagues. As it all feels a bit discombobulating and can really put a damper on anyone’s mood.

If your year has not started on the right foot like you may have been hoping for, I created a list of memes that might help turn that around just a little. Take a look and I hope you will feel better about life, at least a little bit.

27 Things to Make You Laugh (Despite Your Bad Mood)

1. Keanu Reeves Dog Meme

keanu reeves meme

Image Credit: KaebyTV

Keanu Reeves has a history of landing some of the most iconic roles in movie history. Typically playing some of the most dangerous men in his scenes, you would think he would be pretty intimidating if you met him in person.

Turns out, Keanu Reeves is one big softy. Stories are regularly being told of Keanu getting up and giving his seat on subways or even helping to buy a property for a pre-school. He is one tough nice guy and he is breathtaking in every sense of the word.

2. Funny Math Meme

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Image Credit: U/Owl-Pharaoh07 

We all have that one friend in our group who takes his math passion a little too far. Yet, when you aren’t the one that is getting their life deducted it is pretty funny. But in all honesty, Greg please just shut up and call an ambulance.

3. The Holidays Are Over

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is gjPIpT-uegqLVKHzQ9eZ4MmiLlSQOsdW_Jc8sWF8SAU66wGlukT_tYWokpcIwsEiMsPEIGnhXkawYSyWQLZ8gHdYNl85jOlAcBrV17ShseSdJ--AMW8s1be5vtAOLwS3SOfd729T

Image Credit: u/Shlurkbaby

The holidays are over, and the time has come for us to return to our schools and offices. But from the way some of us are going to be crawling in, we might need a holiday from the holiday. At the very least, Zoom gives us the freedom to control the lighting in our rooms to hide the bags under our eyes while we become accustomed to real-life schedules, again.

4. How Long Board Games Really Last

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 85JGO9IMVVPO7EABrqj4E40APzMaKYnXLY-rOILKiXxw85TNf_EvYPxCcsUQ06LlZYJ9E_SfiW_QgvMF9Uwh04cMUx4Gu_WusnWCDO-CVT_jDTC3fg2-5xT9XL3QMw_NaQXTajih

Image Credit: u/JuDamnF

The true irony of the game night. The real enemy is the game we thought would bring us together, but the game only stood to put a wedge in our friendship and at least one upturned coffee table. At least we can all bond in cleaning up the displaced Monopoly money. A true capitalist bonding experience.

5. Time to Get a Watch

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is xxlaSlkQY0IXgVXwBmuP0NcJL2aNvQtaBOBigrc2GWQZEvRMiMg86zNcPGupCfuoUmfuS-maegty7dqwc74mflks6x0ZWmVn3p5Z7JErRgqFjcp4MSZvVyicuHWJU_2rmnXvgJm4

Did anyone else just completely freeze up when their Grandmother told them this? Like Louise, I haven’t learned how to read a clock normally please explain why money is involved now? My 7-year-old self can’t afford to give you money so you can tell me the time.

6. Grade Ninja

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is qeo_Iw2tpQyChtwLYNIfo8R8mNo5Nlv7m5WWh_BFSZ_hkV_chfl5hRvOXtL6h23hhPtaTlIB8YDKmzydbES4S4W0ZkwgpywDdmMKuR_soTYTi_wj0zoBVmAr_uWrTDvLjYwzkie4

Image Credit: u/XenSorium

I swear kids these days are so much smarter than when I was in grade school. I could have saved a lot of awkward conversations with my parents if I drew my own mathematician ninja army to prevent my equations from being wrong all the time.

7. FPS Meme

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 7nQuKsJ9YMGui-nGBp2eOTqZQ8JjtFWwobn1WX1wPo5Y7afaZfFe8oamkTL9greNZ8Ipg-K7-PbfmZ4k7CZ4KjrpxUhaRIg4KzkAQ8FnBpsRmHNEbDQzJbJ0iM8dkVVDcn7eI_bf

Image Credit: u/SA457435

Nothing could be more true. It is amazing how conditioned we all have become from childhood to keep the gun fully reloaded all the time. Game designers certainly know what they are doing to invoke the fear of an empty clip into us. If anything, this practice puts us more at risk than if we didn’t have that conditioning ingrained in our brains.

8. Closing Out a Mobile Ad

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is gWzMQNo-9jUMiBTuLh0fKkhTcVL6Ng2eNxhOHux2gJivkHSEnEWrQaXTq_F6u7J1LR3XlToVEXa8bcBg38iN17gp1eBAZh9ulWNlYXTljjNx3ABeTwH45UPso-9uVg5Hb4e3lUTq

Image Credit: u/UteAchim

When app developers do this, it is absolute highway robbery of my attention span.  Just let me zone out and enjoy my Geometry Dash play-through. I don’t care about your new merch line for geometric shapes and designs. Please let me go back to vibing with electronic music, please.

9. Extended Lockdown Effects

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is _CTf8jMdt7uCfM7OkyNNwLBzpVT7tauPQxL585EM1SY0oBOVIra0_qc8bC7rBt4bicg90Izk4lf-xr51RaEJsOwReD92GarEs6p3mtO3WRzKq3JRa2NQvpwMI496Lf-8bOMMHlgE

Image Credit: u/Elgarr

The test subjects for extended lockdowns during the winter months. Turns out The Shining might have a new legacy moving forward. As a scary movie to watch to partially relive the time that was March 2020. It certainly makes me look at the movie in a different light now.

10. Girls vs. Boys

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 9oyeRfrDDdDRbK7ZlyqbnXShmEBcQ2BKK8ITE2oRjtSFddTeD_goGYcKeNPzDLyyBV4t2VoCVKItEDIwtHAWGEYADEBto2LwTBemqGxTHopdEfolQ85lx7gmhApiDF-S8deUVKDf

Image Credit: u/luckisalie

A movie franchise that lasted nearly 10 years created one of the most iconic bonds of friendship in recent history and then took it away. If you didn’t cry at this scene, I have to question your humanity.

How can you not cry at Toothless’s goodbye? After all he and Hiccup have been through together? It is a true cinematic masterpiece and please excuse me, I need a few moments to collect myself.

11. Grandma’s Cookies

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is AsKWNok7ftFvKSrNGgCvAZ1YlEWln_WeEtthZjM8nBJrgVGtwqqpWgruvzClwbI82A_jhvBDaRDU_7tVEuNovUjzXNZr6wlIwZ3dRYuc2lr4INpmDbZD1gzYsCaKhLR3Z2RWe610

Image Credit: u/DaSkullCrusha

This is how it is every year. You show up to mountains of cookies, but you are only able to finish two of the 10 mountains. Now you have a disappointed Grandmother and an upset stomach. There is no winning in this scenario. It would be best to ignore their creation altogether and stick to the one cheese plate that was left out.

12. Karen’s Game Froze

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 3FLiBz9Nhd5mTz7AaxObDKCtXvrjBEJcS3AGRLq9bz075PJ71NZNy7YjQ7JGjb6zNlSIV_waIAe1ib_TsM-0kHnX9PBaefx4qOsQ4-SgyO2x6C1aMGBpI8gNiZAoirQcrWM5wubL

Image Credit: u/luddealex

Like the disrespect I get from my own PC, I expect to be catered to all day every day. Please understand that my 46 tabs and various running programs are completely necessary. I like to multi-task so there can be no letdowns with my scattered attention span. All the while, my computer’s fans can be heard all the way down the hall.

13. The Longest-Reigning Queen

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is PBzmubY3jqQEZ58QzXN--r7YfZ80lNRR0wAKvvDFaRoJ6NvVjXuVIMW7nGLufG2Kj7DhFKz_P-8dgoB7t2YGBq5VpfmJeBheRVB_U7NidPSoJ17lyCP_LLgyapdN-dn03MeaBlv9

Image Credit: u/Guidota

For real though, the Queen is a complete machine. She just keeps getting up and doing her daily duties like she was two decades younger. Good for her though for being the longest-reigning monarch in Britain. She was crowned in June 1953. That’s a long time to stay in the same job. She will outlive us all, you just wait and see.

14. Fossil Fuel or Fossile Fuels?

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is upEfXrwLquMPBR3kLGNsTlLQ6tGpP1X2A_sXniPEjHioItLREv_g6rgYizyHKIJv3XNUYOKebnHr_eWTaEQphLMmYWhZVd9hvOGM7W5i64L7X9Bu3nQ_l-1cKhrEOEKjsUZZ6mid

Image Credit: u/Offbrandcheeto

I honestly have never thought about this. Just think of it as the dinosaur’s new job in the modern era. They are giving back to the world that gave them everything. It really should be seen as an honor to allow them to continue to contribute their energy to the world. The Dino’s legacy is strong.

Note: Fossil fuels are mostly plant matter, plus vegan’s still want to be productive members of society. There is no ethical debate in this, but it is still funny.

15. Online Classes

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is B_6qQUDeuZ5CX--ilHyEl-G-00psD9Ehb6C1StBbdOZ6wvbe8dfaAzypQc2aVCKWI8p3Gz9ymgdcLklBVGi9nAuYuXrqtpRtiQgCnzJy8Er23prrfLHToHR4PmdGbueW_fcGhIAR

Image Credit: u/Ir0qu01s

15.  Why is this a thing? My night class the other day went an hour over the normal time. Like Ma’am, please just let me go and read the three books you assigned to be read for the next class. The best part is no one wants to be on the Zoom call in the first place. If you all dislike Zoom so much, why not let us get off and do the work that we are required to do?

16. Winning a Board Game

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is yqEk4dAzMSLEI8lck6t0saiFkyA_QBid3vR12pkEbFDVfqBruO4byGWSUamaeB_gSWK17YvZcr17aO0IKdhqRReslpVVbZ5K4owlAOTP_Bcbad2qEdNVxU9jREpy7Fl0l6xtg3vN

Image Credit: u/eB1252

It was never about winning in the first place. It was always about how much family tension you could cause in the process of playing together. The real cost was playing Monopoly at all, honestly. Those games can be gruelingly long and, the longer it is played, the higher the stakes become. A loss is out of the question at the hour mark.

17. Tech Tip Writers = Increasingly Useless

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is vLQLD4zNP8zqRSgJL3pcjJFPqedhSDY3iACUEZEL5kRB7laftTNWT4rAFIY61gsHI8Eq0OOQEz1eRYw-LIsuPv-9ELg1zaLRqadi5evLDHakdBcpXidlN7C5yARz_FUcbTuvdotX

Image Credit: u/deathboygame

I’m not entirely sure but I feel like loading screen tips have become increasingly useless over the years. I am pretty sure I got one in that told me that shotguns were most effective at close range. Thank you for the advice. I guess I won’t attach a sniper scope to my shotgun now. Truly a revelation. Thank you, video game tip writers for such wise words. I will avoid death at all costs now.

18. What’s for Dinner Tonight, Honey?

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is cjPvMbsOM4TxEhL7Z68yp0W8HtaPGsrqKuvCeVdUnCaAxoNHQvpUn91yS1WegEiZ4ivMjJ1c6kZptA7eb2WsarcHgYRJrdpXao9ynQP7mwV43E7MHsQlA-_2OlD2h4uaB8je7MFr

Image Credit: u/universal_boner

Look, I am not saying that this happens every time because of me in a relationship. However, I just want to make it clear that I have no issues where we eat, and if you could decide for me that would be great. And no, I am not feeling Chinese food tonight. What else were you thinking instead?

19. Let’s Greet Everyone

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is MzV1lIa11faBkGXYIZy5xoZEIhdai5nPNf66MRlpnmxpUcncsIWYAumS-sB124yJJZDux2H09kFoXZzAFhNIUUMxSoU40s81_C2Iu-xBPY__Ya1QkMDxXimwI3Ywy_I-7MXVlamH

Image Credit: u/MrDuckingtonthethird 

Everyone talks about parents doing this but what about roommates? There is nothing worse than a roommate not saying they were going to have a group of people over. Like Richard, I just got back from work and all I want is to be snug in bed and enjoy several hours of binging my shows. I do not want to entertain your friends for you, while you quickly finish a few rounds of COD.

20. Where’s the Cameraman?

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 6VNWBa9fwXYdKzzl0uR5px9jSgDjuz9ByKePttWKrQ0VKh7ZDzfDMFApTFPynt75_MVQVzl6lxwsVbhZp9PcXNp-THyzt7I3AfcCzXjZlmGcHBaU7W7fLGbJhlH-2swdAmxcq6wi

Image Credit: u/SHIVAM_KAPURE

The only man cloaked in active camouflage. Imagine if John Cena actually did some freelance cameraman work on the side on top of his acting career. He would be on the set of Suicide Squad and ask James Gunn if it was cool for him to go record some lions gnawing on a zebra’s leg. Gunn would say it was fine as long as he didn’t lose himself his way back to the set.

21. Sloths vs. People

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is JPDvaJ5mCb6UK7CbLeaHyqV9ydd3mw0AjTCaeE5Eb6eCmvKGJKSTB5GiGLOLKPSIfiisX5cqHc11j2CJmuZVhB0ew_cVLW9l7htjgPzoKb_ir2jhCgy6AarGAmWNS3cGe1tyVj01

Image Credit: u/SalauddinAyyubi

It is about time that we appreciate the similarities between sloths and people. We both are just trying to live our own chill lives. Take a second to ignore their creepy finger claws and they could practically be our distant cousins. They are better climbers than us though so maybe they are slightly more advanced. Either way, if you model your life after a sloth you are modeling your life after a happiness that even Thoreau would be proud to call his own.

22. To Cart or Not to Cart…

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is QS-n5jdMm2loVOBQ1KDqM5PGg7tfU3fkWqL2J9rEpIlfOwZ0TBWB2y9fUaUM_6L8in1Rd4YpONHvIZsFWoeiP0ovZbPOKp5i3yoim5uYOYqAZX0eWDb9RgelYj7zzKyA71l839-S

Image Credit: u/zakaria20199

I intentionally go into the store saying I am getting two things and completely avoid the shopping cart. One thing leads to another and then I am looking like a fool trying not to drop the ten extra cans of soup and candy that I thought would be a great idea to pick up along the way.

I really should treat grocery store trips as if I lived in the world of Bird Box, instead. Maybe then I would only get the one jar of pasta sauce that I was sent to get.

23. Dogs vs. Dogs

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 1BMlEod0YLfLrOl3YZJH-qcIIMk6-epoFMjHrlTZtXjQcTQwMISUYZMaadFTZ8zYuTrW5uNzbHTjm3hr2JPrqTDu8U6o4kCzB8gAvwlySo-NcSpsw-CA7T3gDrG-KYcm1wj5H3Mj

Image Credit: u/SpuufyNutz

I believe all dogs are good, but this does seem to be the case more often than not. The little ones are just too proud for their own good and the big ones are trying to compensate for their intimidating size by being extra good boys. But the small dogs can turn on a dime if you upset them. They can be worse jerks than cats in that regard but loyal jerks, nonetheless.

24. Where’s My Blanket, Bro?

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is whsSWvpG1UZAMBcOAtrMingcY5FO6wxkM0jt8P3FFa8UIh8kPI1huPVtWsStwQ_w-RHj2sC4vI5nJOw4EVPieoOEqT9kzhqaTaLikMuFg-X2l5KMz2nc6B0bsvrutr5NvpcMTOPL

Image Credit: u/Dont_call_me_chase

Did everyone have this experience where their friend wasn’t a good host and left you all night to the elements? It was always a struggle but sometimes you could find a vent and crawl up near that if you were really desperate. It could be a little awkward in the morning after your friend’s Dad is making coffee and notices you in the fetal position pressed against the wall in the living room.

Right, me neither…

25. Is School Practical?

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is I2-tytlxSIgXclpNbPg-fC4tud5nXqAmWTs9XfUh9dyDkgMZhhf9UmXQZIGyzAKLdCHGpQN0L2ruxglU5uBkST0E-57AMQRXb7IZcJr-hzdPjO62YRvsAP-dLAQYicL_yWLXVLU2

Image Credit: u/STE4LtH_LIfE

It’s that time of year again, where I am reminded that I don’t know how to do my taxes and I wish that my high school actually took the time to teach practical skills. No, Ms. Taylor, I don’t want to review how to write a summary for the 34th time this year. How about we talk about the difference between income and capital gains taxes instead, please?

26. The Perfect Stop

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is GEXm87JG2K1551msuFa5JlxrxXWrGJmY-kZA8SUx7IYgFXCWJ-2z3LTHwq5j6q7a0RAsJuwMLN7nk0mJ6e2o7CeoAiTMlk0sQF6rAoGYoxBCObCI2Z5SQLi-MzggbsGdOBRE_tdq

Image Credit: u/thatguy111112

There is no greater satisfaction as when you are able to sneak into the kitchen and prepare a whole meal without bothering anyone’s sleep at two in the morning. It’s like your very own Ocean’s Eleven heist being executed for bagel bites and some Cheetos. You are grace and you are poise in the moments leading to the final alarm. The 0:01 silently hanging in the air as the only sound of success.

27. The Student Becomes the Master

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is oE9q-DW_f4iOue9Zk_qdcYaO255EYfSP77fTYOA8YDwuXMFsMcPsfpnvjUcxxvoYmPM_CkLvTtQ9LkBC0wXRnVNZysrFwhTDZb73MmGeScIsvS7zvOPz5_MxHSFztpHYOQn5sC-s

Image Credit: u/SlothsRevenge622

We’ve all had this conversation with our parents when we were younger and just starting out using the internet. Why is it then that they don’t hold the same standards for themselves? Okay Mom, where did you read that article? Oh, on your social media feed? No, Mr. Burns, down the road, does not know that an alien invasion is imminent to our town. He is just fabricating conspiracies to scare people like you. Please just block him from your feed, Mom.

Some Final Thoughts

I hope some of these memes were able to bring you a bit of joy today. Take a breath and do your best. This year is only just starting so let’s stay as positive as we can, and you are going to make the absolute most of it. 2021 is full of possibilities and you shouldn’t get bogged down in the beginning.

Remember the lesson of the sloth. We really are all just doing our best to hang in there as long as we can. Why not take a few extra seconds to get there and grab a snack on the way?

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