Is Amenadiel a Real Angel?


Amenadiel is one of the lead angels in the hit series Lucifer. Although it may come as a disappointment to many fans, Amenadiel is not actually an angel from the Bible and cannot be found to be referenced in any religious text.

So Who Is Amenadiel Then?

Amenadiel is the eldest child of God and the most favored of God’s sons. This makes Amenadiel and Lucifer brothers. And, in fact, the only one who is as powerful as Amenadiel is Lucifer himself; Lucifer being the more powerful of the two.

Many people think that Amenadiel is St. Michael The Archangel but this is not the case either. Amenadiel has a lot of similarities to St. Michael, but they are not the same. Whether Amenadiel was based on St. Michael from the Bible or not, well, only the writers know.

Amenadiel on TV vs. Amenadiel in the Lucifer Comic

In fact, the Amenadiel in the comic Lucifer isn’t even the same Amendiel that’s on the TV show. The comic character Amenadiel only wants one thing, the downfall of Lucier and he has complete hatred of Lucifer. He is seething with anger and wants to see Lucifer destroyed, attacking him at every opportunity.

In the TV show, Lucifer and Amenadiel have a much more amicable relationship. In the show, instead of hating Lucifer, he’s just trying to get Lucifer back to hell where he belongs.

Amenadiel’s Powers

Amenadiel has many powers, being the most powerful angel (apart from Lucifer). First and foremost, Amenadiel’s most noticeable power is his incredible strength. He is stronger than any other adversary. And, as should be obvious by the photos of Amenadiel’s wings, he is capable of flight. He also has the amazing ability to slow down time. However, ( ***spoiler alert*** ), he does lose this ability for a bit of time when he falls.

Some other powers Amenadiel has are immortality (not capable of being killed the same way a human is killed), healing and even bringing people back to life. He can also travel to other dimensions (as long as he has his wings). And although it is not a unique special power, he is also a skilled fighter and an expert in hand-to-hand combat.

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