Download the Happy Birthday Song (Different Versions of Song)


For as long as most (if not, all) of us can remember, every year our birthday included the famous “Happy Birthday” song. If your family is anything like mine, you have experienced yearly traditions regarding how the “Happy Birthday” song is sung, no matter whose birthday it is. 

Whether your tradition with your loved ones includes singing around the dinner table, playing vinyls, or just streaming the latest YouTube video of the “Happy Birthday” song, the song has been and will continue to be an essential part of birthdays for the foreseeable future. 

You would be right to think that there’s a lot of different versions of the Happy Birthday song to download, even feeling slightly overwhelmed is understandable. So, if you’re looking to download different versions of the famous “Happy Birthday” song and want to find the right version for you (without the confusion), you’re in the right place.

You can either start your own Happy Birthday song tradition or continue one that has already been passed down. Either way, one of these birthday songs should have you covered.

Below is a list of 31 different versions of the “Happy Birthday” song for you to easily download and send to your loved ones! 

Download 31 Different Versions of the Happy Birthday Song

  1. Original Happy Birthday Song (Upbeat Version)

This is the new version of the original “Happy Birthday” song. After the original lyrics are sung, at about the 25-second point, the melody changes and becomes more up-tempo. This is a good song to play to quickly listen through the song (or sing-along to it) and then instantly have some background music to celebrate. 

And here’s the original Happy Birthday song for those who like the traditional Happy Birthday song with the lines “may the dear Lord bless you” in it.

Here’s a nice traditional instrumental version of Happy Birthday for those who would like a nice Happy Birthday song to sing along to.

  1. Hip-Hop Instrumental 

This is a hip-hop instrumental version of the song for anybody who has the equipment to add their own lyrics to this beat, or even play this in the background and sing the song live to the birthday person. Traditions are great, but creative traditions can make the biggest difference in making somebody’s birthday the greatest they ever had. 

  1. Justin Bieber (featuring Usher) Birthday Song Remix

If the birthday person you’re celebrating is a big Justin Bieber fan (and Usher), then this is the song for you! The song starts off with Justin Bieber singing the “Happy Birthday” song and then Usher jumps in and the song becomes much more party-like. This is a great catchy and modern option for the classic “Happy Birthday” song. 

  1. Stevie Wonder Happy Birthday Song

It’s only right to follow a modern artist’s version of Happy Birthday with a classic artist’s version of Happy Birthday. This version of the “Happy Birthday” song is so much different than the other ones listed above. However, it’s sung by the legendary Stevie Wonder, and if you’re celebrating the birthday of someone who is a big fan of his, then this is the Happy Birthday song for you. 

  1. Birthday Song by DJ BoBo

This version of the “Happy Birthday” song by DJ BoBo has been ranked as one of the best versions of the song. It has a modern, up-lifting, and even tropical feel to it which can be great for many occasions. This is a great option if you’re celebrating someone’s birthday on a tropical island. 

Download Link: 

  1. Party Happy Birthday Song

Sticking with the up-tempo feeling of the “Happy Birthday” song, this is more party-like and will really get everybody in the mood to dance! If you’re throwing a surprise birthday for somebody or an event where there will be dancing, this is a great option to play. 

Download Link: 

  1. Romantic Birthday Song

This is a very different version of the “Happy Birthday” song from those listed above. Playing this song is a great way to celebrate your partners birthday while also maintaining the romantic mood. Whether it’s somebody you have been dating for a couple months or married to for a couple of decades, this is a great song to play for their birthday. 

Download Link: 

  1. Short Birthday Song

If your birthday traditions are anything like mine, you normally stop singing the song after the original lyrics (about 30 seconds or so) and then possibly dive into singing “are you one?”, “are you two?”, until you reach their age. All of the songs above are great, but pretty long. So, if you’re looking for a nice and short version of the original “Happy Birthday” song, then you’ve found your version to download! Also, this version of the song includes beautiful harmonies, making you want to sing-along with your loved ones!

Download Link: 

  1. Orchestra Birthday Song

This version of the “Happy Birthday” song is perfect for celebrating somebody’s birthday who loves orchestras! It creates a feeling as if you are actually at a live orchestra concert. The instruments sound crystal clear and beautifully all together. Are you a musician that enjoys challenges? If so, I challenge you to use this song as motivation to create your own orchestra-like “Happy Birthday” song for your loved one! Or, if you would like to just play this beautiful song for somebody who has always loved orchestra’s, that works too! Either way, the person who gets to have this song played for them on their birthday is very lucky. 

Download Link: 

  1. Chipmunks Birthday Song

Most people know the classic Christmas song by the Chipmunks from the movie, Alvin and the Chipmunks released in 2007. This is a really cute version of the “Happy Birthday” song that fans of the Chipmunks will absolutely love. By playing this song for a child or somebody who loves the squeaky voices of the famous Chipmunks. 

  1. Opera Happy Birthday

This version of the “Happy Birthday” song is quite different from the other ones. It’s an opera of the song and is beautifully sung. If you’re celebrating somebody’s birthday who loves operas (and is missing them at the moment due to COVID19 restrictions), this is the perfect song for you to play for him/her. This song will make them feel like the opera was made just for their birthday. 

  1. Piano Happy Birthday Song

This original version of the “Happy Birthday” song is played with the piano and it’s beautifully performed. Piano has always been my favorite instrument, so this version of the song is one of my favorites. If you or the person whose birthday you’re celebrating loves piano, this is the song for you to play for them! Even better, if you play the piano, then you can use this song as motivation to play the “Happy Birthday” song yourself to the person you’re celebrating! Regardless of how you use this song, it’s a great choice for celebrating somebody’s most special day. 

The great part about all of these songs above is when everybody is listening to the awesome song you selected for the birthday boy/girl, you can add your own twists to it! These twists can include some of the lyrics mentioned above typically sung in various parts of the world such as the Canadian version with the addition of “How old are you now?”, “How old are you now?”, and so on. 

If you’d like to listen to more versions of the “Happy Birthday song” in English, you can check out the bottom of this blog for YouTube videos I have collected for you. 

Different Languages of Happy Birthday Song to Download

It’s clear that the “Happy Birthday” song is a worldwide sensation that has been played for a countless number of people. Therefore, I have collected “Happy Birthday” songs available to download for free in different languages. Below are some of the most popular versions of the song in Hindi.

Hindi Happy Birthday Song

  1. Original Short Version of Hindi Happy Birthday 

This is the classic “Happy Birthday” song lyrics and melody sung in Hindi. It’s the shorter version so you can play this song when walking the birthday cake over the person’s birthday you are celebrating. It’s also a great option to send to somebody via email, text, or social media. Regardless, wherever and however the person hears this song, they will absolutely love it!

Download Link: 

  1. Original Short Version of Hindi Happy Birthday with Drums

This is the same original short version of the “Happy Birthday” song listed above, except with drums included. The drums add another musical component to the song which makes it more full and complete for some who love the sound of drums. If you’re celebrating somebody’s birthday who loves drums or even plays the drums, they would appreciate this song being played on their birthday! 

Download Link: 

  1. Aww Tera Happy Birthday 

This version of the “Happy Birthday” song in Hindi is from the movie “ABCD 2” that was released in 2015. The movie is about two childhood friends who aspire to become successful dancers and form a dance group to compete in a Hip-Hop dance competition in Las Vegas to fulfill their dreams. The song features Varun Dhawan and Shraddha Kapoor. This version of the song is upbeat and can automatically set the party-mood wherever the celebration for the birthday boy/girl is being held. 

Download Link:

  1. 16. Baar Baar Din Yeh Aaye (Happy Birthday)

From the movie Farz that was released in 2001, this version of the “Happy Birthday” song features the famous Bollywood singer, Mohd Rafi. This song is made up of beautiful harmonizing instruments that bring a calming, and uplifting feeling. It’s a perfect way to celebrate somebody’s birthday. Especially somebody who loves the sound of classic instruments that come together so beautifully. 

Download Link: 

  1. Chhote Tera Birthday Aaya

This “Happy Birthday” song is also from a movie called Krantiveer – The Revolution that was released in 2010. Chhote Tera Birthday Aaya has an upbeat, dance beat that will make anybody want to get up and dance! It’s perfect for parties and large gatherings (for whenever those are a thing again). If you’re throwing a birthday party for the person and want to make sure everybody gets up and dances (even the introverts who attend), all you have to do is play this song and you will succeed! 

Download Link: 

  1. Hum Bhi Agar Bachche Hote

This is a hit song from the movie Door Ki Awaaz Sung and features Mohd Rafi, Asha Bhonsle, and Manna Dey. Out of all the Hindi “Happy Birthday” songs I have listened to when creating this list, this particular song is my favorite. I really like how the beginning of the song transitions perfectly into the very catchy chorus with harmonies being sung to give an even more uplifting feel to it. This is a great song to play to celebrate somebody’s birthday. 

Download Link: 

  1. 19. Happy Birthday Song with Nakash Aziz

From the Bollywood movie, Ishq Forever, this song features Nakash Aziz, Krishna Chaturvedi, and Ruhi Singhlk. This “Happy Birthday” song comes in as my second favorite Hindi version. The beat is one of the catchiest out of the entire list of “Happy Birthday” songs here. It’s a very popular song amongst the younger population and for good reason. So, if you’re celebrating somebody’s birthday who is part of the younger generation, seriously consider this version of the “Happy Birthday” song in Hindi. 

Download Link: 

  1. 20. Badhai Ho Badhai Janam Din Ki

This song is by Lata Mangeshkar and it’s from the movie Mera Munna. The instruments played throughout the song are very beautiful and sound amazing together. Even for somebody who doesn’t speak Hindi, I caught myself singing along to the song because of how catchy the lyrics are. It’s a great song to play for somebody’s birthday and have everybody dancing and singing together. 

Download Link: 

  1. 21.  Tum Jiyo Hajaaro Saal

This is a very popular version of the “Happy Birthday” song from the famous movie Sujata released in 1959. The artist who sings this song is Asha Bhosle. With an uplifting beat, this song contains many melodies that transition smoothly into one another. It’s easy to tell it’s an older song based on the recording quality of the song, which may be beneficial for playing this song for somebody who may be a part of the older generation. So, feel free to play this song for somebody who is older and celebrating their birthday! 

Download Link: 

Spanish Happy Birthday Song

  1. 22.Feliz Cumpleanos (Happy Birthday in Spanish)

This is the original song in Spanish. My father’s side of the family is Puerto Rican, so I heard this song play every year on my birthday. It’s just as great as the original song in English and will have everybody happily singing along to celebrate the birthday boy/girl. 

Download Link: 

French Happy Birthday Song

  1. Original Happy Birthday Song in French

This is the original “Happy Birthday” song in French. It’s a bit slower than the original in other languages such as English and Spanish. However, it’s a beautiful version of the song and will serve as a great way to celebrate somebody’s birthday who speaks French. 

Download Link: 

German Happy Birthday Song

  1. Original German Happy Birthday Song

This version of the original song in German has a unique feel to it. There are beautiful harmonies sung between certain lines throughout the song that make the song feel uplifting. If you’re looking to celebrate somebody’s birthday who speaks German, this is the perfect song to play. 

Download Link: 

  1. Original Japanese Happy Birthday Song

This is the original “Happy Birthday” song in Japanese. Besides being sung in a different language, this version is distinct from the other originals because it features just one signer throughout the entire song. There aren’t any harmonies who other artists who join in. This makes the song feel more genuine and personal.

Download Link: 

Happy Birthday YouTube Videos 

  1. Minions Happy Birthday Video

 The first Minions movie came out in 2015 and since then has been a sensation amongst the children. Some can say it’s the new versions of the Chipmunks with their cute and squeaky voices. If you’re celebrating someone’s birthday who loves the Minions and can’t get enough of their voices, then this is the version of the “Happy Birthday” song for you to play for them! Especially for children, it’s the perfect way to celebrate their big day!

Video Link: 

  1. A Capella Happy Birthday Video 

This is a great version of the “Happy Birthday” song for those who love A Capella’s. This style of singing has always amazed me, and this particular singer, Sonny Vande Putte does a fantastic job at it! The video shows five duplicates of himself singing the song, but each duplicate is singing a different part. If you’re celebrating someone’s birthday who loves A Capella’s or even sings them, this is the perfect song for him/her!

Video Link: 

  1. 28.Original Happy Birthday Song with Dora The Explorer 

This is the original “Happy Birthday” song but with entertaining footage of Dora The Explorer. Dora The Explorer was first created in 1999 and was a hit TV show on Nickelodeon and Nick Jr. For a child celebrating their birthday who loves Dora The Explorer and would like to see her dancing in a video to the “Happy Birthday Song”, this is the song to play! 

Video Link: 

  1. Original Happy Birthday Song with Mickey Mouse

Similar to the original with Dora The Explorer above, this is the original version of the “Happy Birthday” song with footage of Mickey Mouse dancing. The legendary and iconic character, Mickey Mouse was created in 1928 at Walt Disney Animation Studios. Mickey Mouse has since served as the company’s mascot and a fan-favorite for children worldwide. This is the perfect video to play or send to somebody who adores the iconic Mickey Mouse character, especially for children who may miss going to Disney World due to COVID lockdown. 

Video Link: 

  1. Original Happy Birthday Song with Olaf 

This original version of the “Happy Birthday” song features animation of Olaf from the famous movie, “Frozen”. The movie was released in 2013 and marked the historic introduction of the hit character, Olaf. This little snowman is a recent sensation amongst children and would put a smile on the face of any child who watches this video for their birthday. 

Video Link: 

I hope that you will enjoy these different versions of the “Happy Birthday” song and celebrate with your loved ones in a safe way. Even though we want to stay safe and limit the spread of the horrible COVID19 virus, it’s still possible to enjoy your loved one’s birthdays. 

  1. Happy Birthday with Captain Zoom (Hey, Big Guy, it’s Your Birthday, today!)

There are several versions of this classic Captain Zoom Birthday Song. This birthday song is best known by those who are in their 30s and 40s now, as it used to come on a vinyl disc with your name personalized in the lyrics. In fact, the song originally came out in 1976 and is still popular today. You won’t be able to find many of these around anymore, except perhaps the occasional one on eBay. So, your best bet now is just to find a YouTube video or the MP3 of it with the person’s name, or the “Big Guy” version. And next time someone asks you what a Kukelchoo is, you’ll have a slightly better idea, er, maybe…

Origin of the Happy Birthday Song

Have you ever been curious about the specific details regarding the song? Such as its history or who even has the rights to the song? Of course not! Not many people have. And, if you have wondered these things about the happy birthday song, then you should give yourself a pat on the back!

According to the Guinness World Records (1988), the “Happy Birthday” song is the most-recognized song – even beating out the song “For He’s a Jolly Good Fellow.” That’s lucky for us because who would want to sing “For He’s a Jolly Good Fellow” every single time they were celebrating someone’s birthday?

Who Created the Happy Birthday Song?

Another interesting question to ask yourself about the song is, “when was it even created and who created it?” If you think about it, there’s most likely very few songs you know every time you hear them, but don’t know who the actual creator was. 

The “Happy Birthday” melody was created by American school teachers Mildred and Patty Hill in 1893. It was called “Good Morning to All” and was sung to greet students when they entered the classroom. 

The first time the “Happy Birthday to you” lyrics were combined with the “Good Morning to All” melody was in 1912. The first appearances of this combination did not include credits. However, the updated famous lyrics to the “Happy Birthday” song that has been part of so many traditions to date wasn’t published in songbooks until 1924 by Robert Coleman. 

Surprisingly, it was illegal to sing the “Happy Birthday” song publicly without having to pay a pretty hefty fine. Yes, you read that right – illegal.

In 1935, a copyright for the song that credited the Hill sisters as the authors was registered by the Summy Company. The copyright was not set to expire until the year 2030 and the value of the song was set at $5 million. 

Then, in 2016, a United States federal judge ruled that the copyright was not valid, and the song had no other claims for copyright. This made the song public and free-to-sing for everybody. 

So, yes, it was illegal to sing the “Happy Birthday” song from 1935-2016 in a public setting such as on TV, on the radio, or at a party (believe it or not) – though I doubt that stopped anyone!

Happy Birthday Around the World

Interestingly, there are many ways to sing the song depending on where you live or just your overall preference. 

For example, immediately after singing the song, those in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand will sing “Hip-Hip…” and all together sing “Hooray!”. This is normally repeated three times. 

In Canada, their tradition when singing the song is a bit different. After finishing the song, those who live in Canada will begin singing, “How old are you now, how old are you now, how old are you now-ow, how old are you now?”. Then, everybody will ask how old the person is together by singing “Are you one?”, “Are you two?”, “Are you three?”, and so on until they reach the age the person is turning. 

Those who live in the United States have their own tradition when singing the song as well. Sometimes, Americans will sing “Cha-Cha-Cha” in between each line of the song. After singing the song, Americans tend to sing “Are you one?”, “Are you two?”, “Are you three?”, and so on until they reach the age the person is turning. 

It’s fun to think that there are so many versions of this classic song being sung around the world. Even cooler, how many people might be singing the birthday song at the exact same time your family is? Well, don’t think too hard, just enjoy your birthday (or whoever’s birthday you’re celebrating). And have fun!

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