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Instead of just telling you what Buzzsite.com is in the normal fashion, we thought it’d be fun to tell a little story…

Let’s say you’re this guy:

bored on the internet

You’re bored… surfing the Internet like usual, and you can’t seem to find anything interesting online. Even when you Google something you are interested in, the websites turn out to be pretty lame.

Instead, Buzzsite.com wants to turn you into this guy:

happy surfing the net

Buzzsite.com intends to make surfing the Internet a delight with the latest articles on technology, science, education, music, movies and TV, funny stuff, free stuff, and even random stuff.

So, if you’re bored surfing the Internet, what’s the solution? Buzzsite.com

And hey, share the word. Tell your friends, coworkers, neighbors, even random people on the street, we don’t care!

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